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World of warcraft fury of hellfire.WoWA Open Story: Fury of Hellfire


World of warcraft fury of hellfire.Fury of Hellfire trailer


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Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. World of Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainm. 6 rows · The Fury of Hellfire trailer is the official trailer for World of Warcraft Patch Fury. DRAMATIS PERSONAE Add a photo to this gallery Garok (alternate reality): A former orc from the Iron Horde. Once Grommash Hellscream was taken captive by Gul’dan, and Kilrogg Deadeye drank of the blood of Mannoroth, he formed the Iron Fist: a group of Iron Horde orcs that still remained loyal to Grom and looked to bringing down Gul’dan Khadgar: A human mage, and possibly one of the most.


World of warcraft fury of hellfire.Fury Warrior Survivability – General Discussion – World of Warcraft Forums

DRAMATIS PERSONAE Add a photo to this gallery Garok (alternate reality): A former orc from the Iron Horde. Once Grommash Hellscream was taken captive by Gul’dan, and Kilrogg Deadeye drank of the blood of Mannoroth, he formed the Iron Fist: a group of Iron Horde orcs that still remained loyal to Grom and looked to bringing down Gul’dan Khadgar: A human mage, and possibly one of the most. 3 hours ago · Fury Warrior Survivability. Community. General Discussion. Edyta-stormrage #1. I’m finally starting to gear my Skirmisher Fury Warrior (Six Leaps, Two Charges, and almost 15% speed increase), but I’m hitting a bit of a snag when it comes using Ignore Pain. Here are the World of Warcraft: Fury of Hellfire System Requirements (Minimum) Click here to see Recommended Computer. CPU: Intel Core i or AMD FX or later. CPU SPEED: Info. RAM: 4 GB RAM (8GB for integrated graphics such as Intel HD Graphics) OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 64 bit. VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2GB or AMD Radeon HD 2GB or .

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Fury of Hellfire – WoW Timeline Chapter 29

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Garok and Grom’s other loyalists had been on the run for weeks now. It all started when Gul’dan showed up at Bladefury’s Command. He offered the demon blood once more, and Grom refused again. This time, Gul’dan captured him. The traitorous Kilrogg Deadeye, however, decided to drink the demon blood. After that, many other orcs of the Iron Horde drank the blood, and they were now slaves to Gul’dan. Disgusted by the betrayal, and knowing they could not fight so many fel-empowered orcs, Garok and the other orcs who remained loyal to the Iron Horde’s cause fled.

Those who managed to escape Talador fled to Nagrand, and there they formed the Iron Fist. Since Garok had been Grom’s lieutenant, he was appointed leader of the group.

For days, the Iron Fist trekked across Nagrand. The Shadow Council and their demons would occasionally attack the group, thinning out their numbers. After a while, the Shadow Council lost the trail of the Iron Fist, and the Iron Fist was able to find a secluded cave in Nagrand to hide in.

Days went by, and the Iron Fist managed pretty well in the cave. Sometimes hunters wouldn’t return, and eventually there were not many orcs left. Garok finally decided that it was time to move again – this time to Frostwall in Frostfire Ridge, where they would request the help of the Frostwolf orcs and their allies in taking down Gul’dan. Later that night, Garok and the Iron Fist mounted their wolves and got to the shore of Nagrand.

From there, they got on a ship and set sail for Frostfire Ridge. Drakthor, clad in his silver and crimson armor, spikes sticking out from the steel shoulderpads, walked through the thick snow of Frostwall. The snow was falling hard that day, the green orc raised his hand over his head, staring up into the sky. He then looked ahead of him again and further walked.

Frostwall’s town hall stood high. Drakthor eyed it, then continued on, walking along the road. He then walked down a hill, into a small bowl with three Horde structures in it, a large bonfire in the middle. Draka, the mate of Durotan, stood in front of it, staring into the fires.

Drakthor turned to one of the buildings, furthest from the road the lead into the bowl, and he walked into it. The Forge was a pleasant place, in Drakthor’s eyes, a warrior from the Horde on Azeroth. Here, he was great friends with the blacksmith, Gardakar. This orc was the best blacksmith known to Drakthor, who forged Drakthor’s might double-bladed axe.

Drakthor sat in a chair as Gardakar hammered at an axe he was currently forging. Need anythin’? Drakthor smiled, “I am good today, old friend. I simply seek the warmth of your forge. Certainly just as warm as that ol’ town hall.

That be why I decided to build a forge ‘ere in Frostwall. Drakthor looked around the forge, multiple swords and axes and polearms of steel were hung on racks. A counter stood in the center of the one room, separating the walk-in area from the forge itself, a boiling furnace and an anvil sat there. A large, metal bucket of water stood beside those, the same one that an axe currently sat in. Drakthor then turned to Gardakar, to find him handing a buscuit to the orc. I thank you. Gave it to me for my fine work, ‘ere in the good ol’ forge.

A fine woman, ain’t she? Soon, Drakthor stood up, his biscuit finished. He pounded his chest in respect and said, “I must leave now, friend Gardakar. Soon, we shall march into Taanan Jungle and bring down the bastard Gul’dan.

Fare thee well, friend. Drakthor stepped out of the forge and up the path out of the bowl. One thing he noticed as he left was that Draka was no longer there in front of the fire. Although Drakthor did not see her, he knew where she had gone. I must go to the town hall now, we must make battle plans. As Drakthor approached the town hall, a sound stopped him, filling his ears. He turned as the horns from the guard towers sounded. An orc cried out, “Iron Horde on wolves, comin’ in!

Be on ye’re alert! The orc took his axe from his back, and prepared for what seemed to be a battle. As the Iron Fist approached Frostwall on their wolves, Garok noticed the guards staring at him, ready for combat. A peon in the back of the group raised a white flag, which had been an Iron Horde flag but the Iron Fist had dyed white to show to the Frostwolf orcs that they meant no harm.

As they entered Frostwall, Durotan was immediately there to greet them. Garok dismounted his wolf. We are the Iron Fist, the only orcs who remain loyal to Grom Hellscream.

The others accepted Gul’dan’s poison after he captured our warchief. Khadgar could use any information you know. We’ll send four guards with you to his tower in Talador, while your men stay here. Drakthor, his axe Soulcleaver in hand, looked upon the former Iron Horde orc, Garok, the one with the magically enchanted Firesteel Axe. He claimed that he did not follow Gul’dan and still remained loyal to Grommash, and that their group was known as the Iron Fist. Garok pounded his chest, “Indeed, Commander Drakthor of the As the five orcs entered Talador on their wolves, four draenei on elekks hurried to block their path.

Gul’dan has taken control of the Iron Horde and we are here to inform Khadgar. The orcs continued riding through Talador until they arrived at Zangarra, then dismounted. Several Kirin Tor mages immediately ran over. Before Garok could respond, Khadgar teleported in front of him. Come to my tower and tell me what brings four Frostwolves and a Warsong here. Garok began to explain the events at Bladefury’s Command. The Alliance and Horde forces have been preparing to invade Tanaan Jungle since then.

We’re almost ready and could use your inside information of the Iron Horde to our advantage. Ride with me back to Frostwall, and tell me all you know on the way back. When Khadgar and the five orcs had returned to Frostwall, Vol’jin, Durotan, and Thrall were in the town hall.

So are the Alliance. We’ll both launch our attacks at the same time. While I was at the Alliance garrison, I helped the Alliance summon one of their best battleships from Stormwind at their shipyard.

It will make sure that both the Alliance and Horde transports get to Tanaan safely. Now, here are some blueprints from an Iron Horde shipwright to build the shipyard. Within minutes, the Horde had built their shipyard and a transport.

Garok and Durotan boarded the ship, along with the members of the Iron Fist and several members of the Horde. Khadgar, on the other hand, had teleported to the Alliance garrison. There were roars and cheers aboard the transport ship as it took off and set sail for Tanaan Jungle.

Gazy looked across the water from the deck of the Lion’s Mane. Khadgar had ordered the Alliance to wait until the Horde ship arrived outside the bay. The Lion’s Mane and the Alliance’s transport ship, the Integrity , would then meet up with the Horde ship, and together all three ships would sail for the coast of Tanaan Jungle.

Gazy turned around from organizing supplies and looked. The Horde transport ship was stationed outside the bay. Gazy motioned towards Vindicator Velekras. The vindicator ran to the side of the ship. Dockhands and soldiers around the shipyard scurried around, loading the last of the supply crates or getting to their stations on the ships. Five minutes later, the Lion’s Mane and the Alliance transport ship sailed away from the shipyard. When they arrived at the Horde ship’s position less than a minute later, they came to a halt.

Gazy then signaled to the captain. The Lion’s Mane set sail again, heading to Tanaan Jungle, with the transport ships behind it. A few short minutes later, the Alliance and Horde arrived at Tanaan Jungle. A few Iron Horde ships blocked the way.