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Westward iii: gold rush.Westward® III: Gold Rush


Westward iii: gold rush.Westward III: Gold Rush


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The full version of Westward® III: Gold Rush features: New enemies, including wild animals. Secret items to unlock. 3 characters to choose from. A fortune in fun is yours for the taking when you play today! Keep Westward expansion alive with Westward II: Heroes of /5(). Jan 15,  · ai:0;as”section_title”;s”Westward III: Gold Rush Tips”;s”section_body”;s”Check out our comprehensive walkthrough for Westward III: Gold Rush. GENERAL INFO The first 3. Dec 31,  · Explore uncharted terrain, where gold is abundant and treachery hides behind every handshake. Gather the supplies needed to build your settlement into a thriving boomtown. Customize your town with over 50 buildings, luxuries and upgrades. In Westward III: Gold Rush, fortune is /5(18).


Westward iii: gold rush.Westward III: Gold Rush Tips Walkthrough

The full version of Westward® III: Gold Rush features: New enemies, including wild animals. Secret items to unlock. 3 characters to choose from. A fortune in fun is yours for the taking when you play today! Keep Westward expansion alive with Westward II: Heroes of /5(). Feb 04,  · Post any Westward III: Gold Rush technical issues here only 4, May 26, 14 PM by GeorgeTSLC. Your Comments and Reviews for Westward III: Gold Rush 1: 1, Nov 20, 10 PM by Stevihj. Cannot finish Earthquake Quest 0: . Jul 13,  · Casual sim/strategy fans (and anyone who enjoyed Virtual Villagers or My Tribe) take note: Westward III: Gold Rush has arrived! Following last spring’s release of Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier, the third installment in the series continues the new 3D visual style and basic premise introduced in the second game. Take control of three new heroes as you collect resources, construct /5().
Westward III: Gold Rush Tips Walkthrough
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Following last spring’s release of Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier , the third installment in the series continues the new 3D visual style and basic premise introduced in the second game.

Take control of three new heroes as you collect resources, construct farms, saloons, granaries and more to keep your settlers happy and healthy.

Each new game begins with choosing a hero. Heroes bring unique backstories and bonus abilities such as unlocking the ranch or allowing you to build tanneries right away. After selecting a character you’ll go through a tutorial that teaches you the basics of gameplay one step at a time. Controls are mainly mouse-driven, though there are several keyboard shortcuts that make things easier. Assigning tasks, moving villagers, building structures, etc. Just about every bit of info you need to know is one click away, and once you get familiar with the icons you won’t have any trouble with the interface.

The meat of the game takes place across a number of scenarios, each divided into a series of connected quests. These challenges gradually build your skills and your town as you go, introducing tons of fun tasks like battling bandits or blowing up mountain passes with dynamite, and simple necessities such as constructing wells, farms and other buildings. These quests are usually steps that lead to a larger goal, offering an excellent sense of progression and accomplishment.

Everything is rather streamlined but with just enough wiggle room to give you a sense of freedom. In addition to completing quests, you also have to consider the well-being of villagers in your settlement. Everyone needs food, water, and a job. Analysis: The Westward series had a humble beginning back in late when it rode in just as the Virtual Villagers craze was beginning to subside. Sandlot Games took a chance with a wild west-themed village sim that sent players on journeys straight out of a classic western.

The gamble paid off, and Westward has exploded as one of the most recognized casual realtime sim games around. With its excellent production values and smooth blend of missions and town simulation gaming, just about anyone who picked up the game was quickly hooked by its simple charms.

Westward III sticks to its guns and closely resembles Westward II in every way, from visual style to using the hero set-up to push the story along. Unfortunately you’ll find few differences beyond that, though the quests and scenarios are unique and challenging even if you’re a long-time Westward fan. There are also a few minor difficulty issues where it seems to spike at certain points in a scenario, leaving you lost and clueless as to what to do next.

And would it break the gameplay too much to be able to speed up time while waiting for resources? Westward III does what its predecessors have done quite well – deliver an evenly-paced wild west adventure in the form of a casual simulation. It’s got a great sense of humor evident at every turn, and the gameplay itself is about as captivating as it comes.

It doesn’t innovate far beyond its predecessors, but who says every game has to be a pioneer? Enjoyable, challenging and fun down to the last nugget.

Windows : Download the demo Get the full version. We compiled all of the best information from the comments posted by the awesome JIG community. Thanks to everyone for helping out and thanks to Kayleigh for putting it all together! You have to go north to continue looking for Redd click on the exclamation point over your hero’s head. You will do a couple of quests and then it takes you back to this settlement and you will be able to get the license for the dynamite.

The thief is the mayor of the town. There are different ways to get rid of him: You can fire him twice or Demolish the town hall and battle a few bad guys or Move him over to the gold pile near the north end and make him dig that patch until bandits showed up. After you defeat 2 sets of bandits, the thief will be banished from town by your hero. You have to continually drag him over there though as he wants to run back to the bank all the time to steal money.

You need to mine some silver and have a blacksmith. The rest does itself. It will tell you when you have mined enough silver for the ring. You have to build stables. It seems to be random how many you have to build.

Some people need 4 or 5, others need 10 or more before the black horse shows up. To get into the haunted town, you build a lamp post by the cave located in the upper right. This will send you into the haunted town. To get more than 20 people, you will have to increase the happiness, by building luxury stuff. You will find a gold nugget near the guy that is standing in the water. You CAN take it – when you build the saloon, the guy in the water will say something about stealing and leave the town.

But when you do NOT take the nugget, he will stay in town build a tent for him! You will have to complete the smuggler challenge. When he finally gets everything he wants, you will get the winery. To get the grapes, water your flower pots. They turn from yellow to red, then red to purple.

When they’re purple, a woman will come and tell you that is her favorite color and she gives you the grapes. It’s random how many flower pots you have to build. For most people it works out with , but it can be less or more.

Let your hero chop up any logs there are. If you encounter an animal while doing this, you can usually outrun it. You need dynamite. Just put some dynamite in the river near hungry prospector is. There is a bit of fallen rock there. When you blow it up, it shows a ramp and then you can get to the area where the hidden supplies are, in the bottom right hand corner of the map area past the archway.

Drag the bunny to the entrance of the little tunnel. The bunny will get the treasure chest from the little tunnel. Dynamite the rocks to get them to fall on the switch in the enclosure behind the bandits.

The switch will open the gate. Walk into the gate and walk up to the scarecrow. Get key 1. Blow up rocks in the river in front of pool with fish swimming around the crate.

Then build a bridge to the pool. Catch all of the fish swimming around the crate. When they are all caught, open crate for key 2. Go back to the area on the left side of the river. Go to a white tree on a hill toward the bottom and near the far left side of this area. Blow up tree and a crate falls to ground. Open crate and get key 3.

Go back in the tunnel you just came out of, and it will put you facing the front of the scene in a very small area near the burned out bridge. There is a hidden cave there on the character’s left your right. Blow that up, and you’ll have the entrance opened on the extreme left. Get both characters through and you’re done. Cave 1 Cave 2 Cave 3 Cave 4. Go in the river and blow up the boulder next to the goldmine and you can save the fourth lumberjack in the south.

Continue in the river. Another boulder, use your last stick and blow it up. You can now reach the fifth lumberjack. Also always keep one deputy behind, out of harm’s way, so the game doesn’t end if you are close to beating them. Save very often, especially as soon as you build something. After an earthquake, you can restart at this point. Some people saved every minute. It will take a long time like this, but it’s a safe way. Make sure that you have plenty of wells so that you can put the fires out fast.

That is very important. Start with the basics: farm, lumber and gold. Work your way up to having 2 farms, 2 wood, and 2 gold. When you have enough, build your lumber mill and do the fortification.

This will help a lot. Slowly build up and fix everything as soon as you can. Then when you have your 20 people and a good supply of wood and gold, build as many luxury items as you can to make the happiness. Do the luxury items last since they get destroyed really easily. Having trouble with groups of bandits and not enough money to hire gunslingers? When you go up to a group slowly, you can get one bandit to follow you a little way from the rest.