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Victoria 2 latest patch.Beginner’s guide


Victoria 2 latest patch.Patch 3.04


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Jul 20,  · Victoria 2 Flag Replacement pack. WARNING THIS MOD MAKES USE OF THE HAKENKREUZ AND OTHER STRONG RIGHT-WING SYMBOLS THESE ARE USED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES AND NOT FOR POLITICAL REASONS When I was playing Victoria 2 I couldn’t help notice that many flags were not historically accurate or censored so this mod is devoted . Looking ahead, CWE will attempt to completely overhaul the 2 core features of Victoria which are military and pop ideologies. Previous versions of the mod had a lacklustre and confusing military line-up with most nations being forced to build only irregulars in the first few decades before finally unlocking a swath of redundant units such as modern fighters and fighters. 17 rows · Jun 06,  · Game update (patch) to Victoria II: Heart of Darkness, a (n) strategy game, .


Victoria 2 latest patch.Beginner’s guide – Victoria 2 Wiki

Jul 20,  · Victoria 2 Flag Replacement pack. WARNING THIS MOD MAKES USE OF THE HAKENKREUZ AND OTHER STRONG RIGHT-WING SYMBOLS THESE ARE USED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES AND NOT FOR POLITICAL REASONS When I was playing Victoria 2 I couldn’t help notice that many flags were not historically accurate or censored so this mod is devoted . Jun 08,  · Patch – Victoria 2 Wiki Patch Patch was released as a beta patch on Steam on 22 December , over two years after the previous patch on 3 June It was made by podcat, Wiz and Groogy in their spare time over the holiday season. T-Shirts: is tired of getting beat up on this channel, the mighty bear is Angry! #RussianEmpire #USSRWatch in a.
Victoria 2 – 3.04 BETA PATCH – Merry Christmas!

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Patch – Victoria 2 Wiki

This article is considered accurate for the current version of the game. Victoria II is a grand strategy game similar to the Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis series, the difference being that this game focuses on economics. As the second game in the series, the game is easier to play due to automated features.

The purpose of the game is to build a nation through the age of industrialization, colonization and modernization from to Games produced by Paradox Interactive invariably have many versions. There are essentially two types of versions:.

Proper selection of a nation to play is essential to learning the game. For players who have never played a previous Victoria game, selecting a nation that is a reasonably small size without any immediate threats is a good starting point. Possible starting nations might be:. Every nation produces goods in three ways: factories , RGOs , and artisans. In the early game to , RGOs and Artisans dominate production on the world market.

By around —, factories become more efficient due to research and larger POPs of craftsmen , clerks , and capitalists. As a general rule, when manually creating factories, it is best to focus on creating factories whose input requirements are produced by the local economy. This creates a cyclical benefit that benefits both factories and RGOs.

Finally, note that factory subsidies are useful in several circumstances:. Production is influenced by the economic policy of the political party currently in power. Laissez Faire policy gives all control over factories to POPs, while the other extreme of Planned Economy gives all factory control to the government the player.

As a general rule, more government control can be useful in the early game when few if any Capitalists even exist, while Laissez Faire is generally more useful in the mid and late game where capitalist populations are large enough to be active and eager to invest in the economy. This is especially true for large nations where micromanagement of factories would be difficult and time-consuming.

Managing the Budget is one of the most important components of game play. The bulk of national revenue is derived from taxing the poor. Since POP types in the middle and upper classes are generally more desirable, players often set High class taxes at or near zero to maximize capitalist investment in the economy.

Middle class taxes should typically be set at lower levels going to zero in the later stages of some games to encourage successful lifestyles for those POPs.

Tariffs are a useful way to generate income as well, but should be used carefully and sparingly, with notice given to whether or not POP needs are being met refer to the pie-charts in the budget window: large sections of red will create POP demotion and increase militancy.

Tariffs typically restrict economic growth in general POP spending ability, factory efficiency and profitability, etc. This is problematic for some nations at the beginning of the game, but as a general rule this is a sound approach because all expenditures significantly help the nation.

Education spending increases research, administrative spending increases the efficiency of collecting taxes, military and national stockpile spending make it possible to field an army, and so on. Research is a fairly simplistic part of game play. Strategy choices highly depend on national circumstances.

For example, for a Prussia that seeks early unification , a jingoistic strategy would be in play which means all-out military research. For a nation like the Ottoman Empire , colonization would be an important way to maintain great power status and thus colonization technologies would be a point of focus. The political component of game play is an area where the player does not need to interact too frequently and player decision making is generally restricted by various game mechanics.

Each political party has a set of party issues that impact how that political party, when it is the ruling part of government, affects the nation. When the consciousness of POPs are high and the composition of the upper house is liberal enough, it is possible to first enact political reforms which can meet POP demands and attract immigrants. Once political reforms are enacted, it is possible to enact social reforms if the upper house is liberal enough. Note that player control is limited and restricted by the game mechanics: for example once a single reform is implemented, the upper house immediately becomes more conservative delaying a nation’s ability to enact further reforms for a period of time.

As a general rule, all reforms should be pursued for nations that are Great powers. While population POPs for short makes up the foundation of the Victoria 2 game’s mechanics, player interaction with POPs is fairly limited.

For general strategy advice, national focus and to some degree taxes is the main lever that players can use to influence POPs:. The trade system in Victoria 2 is somewhat complicated and opaque in terms of its functionality and where players can have actual and meaningful control. The good news is that automating the trade system works quite well, and it is easily possible to play entire games from start to finish without ever interacting with the trade system.

That being said, one common tip for nations that struggle with budget issues at the beginning of the game is to turn off automated buying for artillery and steamers as both are quite expensive to stockpile. In diplomacy, it is firstly important to understand national prestige as well as national status in the form of great power, secondary power , civilized and uncivilized. Naturally, being a great power is the most beneficial because it allows the use of spheres of influence , which is a potent way to expand a nation without resorting to military force.

Alliances are similarly important to utilize: the AI often creates significant webs of alliances, thus when declaring war a player will often face multiple adversaries. As a result, it is important to build up military alliances in defense. Finally, it is important to understand and carefully use the casus belli system to avoid any problems with infamy that can lead to vicious “wars of containment” that are survivable only by a first rate military.

The land combat strategy guide provides in-depth advice on military strategy. To understand the mechanics of how combat works, visit the Land combat reference guide.

The following will simply provide a brief overview to the basic strategic concepts of the military game. Nations have a limited amount of units to train, and the reinforcement and availability of those units are directly tied to soldier POPs. Thus, manpower is at a premium and as such, regular infantry and artillery in roughly equal parts should make up the bulk of any competent military.

Mobilization is a way to rapidly field an army, but it has significantly negative effects on the national economy. As a result, it should only be used as a last resort and generally reflects bad military planning and a lack of adequate preparation.

In land warfare, the defender has a significant advantage. The attacker should always outnumber the defender or be ahead in technology if the attacker wishes to win the battle. After enemy forces have been flushed from a province, it must be occupied. To speed up an occupation, regular cavalry or aircraft towards the end of the game can be used. In naval management, the ship-attrition system is important to manage.

Ships will take damage if they are too far away from a level 2 port. Level 2 ports can be constructed anywhere, and are represented on the map by a shipyard. If they are close enough to a level 2 port determined by tech , ships will be supplied coal by supply ships, but by the time they leave that distance, it becomes inefficient to supply them, and thus they will continue eating supplies and taking attrition damage. In order to coal ships and allow them to recover their strength, they need to dock at a level 2 port.

It should be noted that a level 1 port fishing wards will allow ships to dock and cease taking attrition damage, but cannot be used to repair or supply ships. As a general rule, a developed navy is only necessary for Great Powers that intend to have a significant overseas empire through colonies. Forum list Trending Latest New posts. Paradox Wikis. Victoria 2 Wiki. Active Wikis. Personal tools Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion.

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