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Usb/vid_045e&pid_0291&rev_0107.Counterfeit Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver Drivers


Usb/vid_045e&pid_0291&rev_0107.Xbox 360 Controller for Windows Issue


Question Info.USB\VID_E&PID_ – Xbox Wireless Receiver for… | Device Hunt


Oct 22,  · Steps to get a Knock-off Wireless Receiver to work. 1. Plug in the dongle and let it try to install, it’ll fail but don’t worry. 2. From the start menu go to “Devices and Printers, you’ll see something towards the bottom that is either named “” something or other, or unknown device. 3. Windows 10 broke Xbox wireless receiver driver. Update. Normally you install the driver from device manager under “Let me pick from available list of drivers on my computer” then under Xbox peripherals choosing Xbox Wireless receiver for Windows. This worked for . Nov 23,  · USB \ VID_E & PID_ & REV_ USB \ VID_E&PID_ Is a future fix possible for this problem? Thanks I confirm the driver version written by the “ParticleTesting” user (version ) for any updates I remain available on this discussion thanks. Report abuse.


Usb/vid_045e&pid_0291&rev_0107.Xbox Controller for Windows Issue – Microsoft Community

First of all, you just ended hours of frustration with this issue. Can’t thank you enough. To help out anyone else who needs this information – I checked, all you need from the driver pack above (5mb) is the updated xusbinf file, and checking against the Microsoft version available on their site, the actual diffs in the INF file are (a unified diff with 2 lines of context follows). Windows 10 broke Xbox wireless receiver driver. Update. Normally you install the driver from device manager under “Let me pick from available list of drivers on my computer” then under Xbox peripherals choosing Xbox Wireless receiver for Windows. This worked for . USB\VID_E&PID_ device driver for Windows 7, XP, 10, 8, and
Wireless Xbox 360 controller not connecting on latest build

Counterfeit Xbox Wireless Receiver Drivers – Self Similar

How to Setup a “Fake” Wireless Reciever (might need sticked).

After playing around with Nintendo 64 emulators with the intention of taking screenshots for some N64 games that I plan to review one of these days, I determined that it was finally time to break down and get a new gamepad for my PC. None of my other pads had anything akin to analog sticks — I mostly bought them with playing much older games in mind. Looking around I quickly discovered that these receivers were in shorter supply than they used to be, some places even charging quite a bit for them.

Still, I ended up finding some eStores on Amazon that had them for fairly cheap and nabbed one. When it finally arrived I immediately recognized it as a fake — not just some other brand, but a genuine, stereotypical Chinese counterfeit. Other stickers on the unit and packaging looked a little off as well.

None of these were major issues, but an obvious departure from the high quality standards that you usually see in Microsoft hardware. Most people have reported success with them. I immediately grabbed the Microsoft package and went from there.

Hours later, I finally got the fucking thing working. Later I abandoned that version and went for the same one that was on the included disk, and although that one was recognized the driver installation would fail every time.

Just look for the exclamation mark. I hope that helps somebody out there. Some sources: The thread where I originally found the updated driver A blog article troubleshooting similar problems under Windows 7 64bit. You should first start a cmd. This means you can install unsigned drivers. Now got to your device manager, select the unknown device, choose update driver, select the folder where you extracted the driver package and voila!

You can also install unsigned drivers this way. Hello sir, i just wished to thank you very much for this article! I received the very same package as yours on the picture, and got a little upset when i saw it was a fake. But your tutorial here just made it work, i can now sync my controller!! Any chance you can toss em up someplace? Much appreciated if you can!

First of all, you just ended hours of frustration with this issue. To help out anyone else who needs this information — I checked, all you need from the driver pack above 5mb is the updated xusb Snip — nunion. I learned, USB devices have a Vendor manufacturer and product ID that is used to select the correct driver for the device to work.

This information should be spread freely to all who have spent their hard earned money on this device which appears to work wonderfully once you get the drivers installed. You are loved by me for all eternity. Thank you so much man. I tried everything i could to make windows recognize my device until now. Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!! Thanks for the help! I dound this to be a slightly better solution since it only used MS software not the disk that came with the receiver.

Perhaps your knockoff was different than mine and had a different, actually compatible PID though? Or maybe it is a XP vs 7 driver thing? Thanks very much. Tried lots of different approaches but this was really simple and worked a treat. Make sure you completely uninstall any earlier attempts at installing any versions of the driver and the device itself, reboot, and try again. Hi, i have same one, but mine keeps loosing signal, even thought i have new fresh batteries in with brand new controller.

Any help on this? I have win 7 ultimate 64bit. I bought it basicly im used to the controller due i play xbox mostly, but i bought bf3 just for the great grathics and so on…. Got it to wotk in a wau.. There must be a problem with either the controller or the receiver and my money would definitely be on the receiver.

I followed all the steps and it does essentially work, only if I restart my pc. The biggest problem I have with this knockoff version is that i get absolutely no sound after plugging it in.

Or I will get scrambled static harsh sound coming from the usb speakers. Any help please with this? Just wanted to say a quick thank you for this post. You saved me from hours of headahes and throwing things around the room in frustration!

Very odd! Thanks for the files, worked like a charm — I used the chinese drivers before and they had a rather annoying input lag. You can attempt to find this out various ways, including with 3rd party utilities. Try it out! I cannot give enough thanks for your post.

About 2 months ago, I bought a very similar receiver from Amazon, same fake Microsoft packaging but my receiver is black. Well, as soon as I got it I spent several days trying to get it to sync. I tried all of the supposed fixes that I could find and none worked. I gave up and was ready to throw the thing in the garbage. Thanks again. I still cannot get it to work, ive tried all the fixes, The weird thing is, my guitar hero controller works but none of my 3 xbox controllers work.

Any help would be appreciated. I followed several so to call fixes but non got me ready for a gaming session. Received the receiver yesterday and discovered it was a knockoff 3 min in. This solution however is giving me hope and te comment by Rasco seems logic. Tanx in advance! Thanks a lot man.. Again tnx it worked for xp I finally got the thing to work on my bit Windows 8 Pro machine.

Self Similar, first of all I think a proper thank you for the great instructions would be in place. So thank you! In return I can do nothing less then post my solution for the upcoming Windows 8 users among us:.

First of all, just like Self Similar suggested, you should disconnect the receiver and uninstall any drivers you already tried in previous attempts of installing the gaming receiver.

This includes removing the device from Device Manager. Download and install the latest official Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller for Windows software from the link provided by Similar himself. I assume a Windows 8 machine running on bit would work as well as the drivers carry the same version number 1. Instead the drivers I got with the disc worked in my situation. Select nothing else by default all devices is selected and click next.

Thank you!! This worked for me. Bought a chinese knockoff from amazon and had driver trouble, was about to return it until this. I checked the device id thingy and it is Hey Jamie. Unfortunately this post was about making the driver work properly with the receiver in Windows, not about making the receiver itself actually work with your controllers.

Personally, once I got my driver to install and appear to be working correctly I had no trouble with syncing my devices with it. Does your driver seem to be working? That is, is it properly named in Device Manager, no exclamation mark next to the device, etc?

I mean, are you pressing the sync button on both the receiver AND the controller when you do it? Same thing as Jamie. Synced both at the same time. Thanks for the help dude! Once again , thanks a bunch man! Your email address will not be published. Windows will detect it and attempt to install a driver for it. If yours behaves as mine did it will NOT automatically match up with the official package you installed in step 1. Click Next. I will choose the driver to install. If it shows you a list of hardware categories click Next first.