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Turtle beach santa cruz.Turtle Beach Sound Cards & Voyetra Software


Turtle beach santa cruz.More Than A SoundBlaster


Are you a human?.Turtle Beach Sound Cards & Voyetra Software – Turtle Beach


Jun 17,  · Voyetra Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, v. web, A09 This is verison and is the latest release of the Santa Cruz drivers/control panel application as of 6/17/ Turtle Beach Santa Cruz TB PCI Sound Card FRH Brand: Unknown. out of 5 stars 2 ratings. Currently unavailable. We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock. Customers also viewed these products. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Previous page /5(2). The documentation that came with the card wasn’t great, and it took a while to identify the problem, so I was looking outside the Creative family for my next sound card. I’d read several good reviews of the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz card, so I figured I’d take a shot on it. That shot definitely paid off/5(30).


Turtle beach santa cruz.Turtle Beach – Santa Cruz, Continued – More Than A SoundBlaster | Tom’s Hardware

Jun 17,  · Voyetra Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, v. web, A09 This is verison and is the latest release of the Santa Cruz drivers/control panel application as of 6/17/ The documentation that came with the card wasn’t great, and it took a while to identify the problem, so I was looking outside the Creative family for my next sound card. I’d read several good reviews of the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz card, so I figured I’d take a shot on it. That shot definitely paid off/5(30). Buy Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Channels bit 48KHz PCI Interface Sound Card – Sound Cards with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Newegg shopping upgraded ™5/5().

Turtle Beach – Santa Cruz, Continued
Are you a human?

New card – new features?
Santa Cruz sound card from Voyetra Turtle Beach

Many musicians including R. The company has not long produced any new products for those who would like to have “high audio quality at affordable prices”. Within the last years as many as 6! Today, however, products of this formerly respected company can be classified only as consumer goods. And at last the outstanding event for everybody interested in high-quality PC audio has accomplished. At the time of writing this article, Santa Cruz sound card was launched and will be soon brought to the market.

This report is devoted to comprehensive examination of all its features. The card was produced by the firm with Turtle Beach logo. That is why, putting away the structural details of the company, we may omit the first word unless the copyright is mentioned. And the market is in good progress. Products considered as quite good three years ago are outdated today.

Nevertheless, it is not fair to provide the card with new software and to call it Home Studio without changing the hardware. Of course, I don’t want to simplify anything and the Marketing Department should earn its keep anyhow. For the most impatient readers I will give all features at first. The information was gathered from various sources, filtered and presented by me in the form of the table given below:. So, let me tell about everything turn by turn.

Let’s come down from the figures to “lyrics”. The distinguishing mark of the retail product is its package. As in chiromancy, a lot of can be recognized by a package. In this case I feel emboldened to note the following. The box was made as large as possible to present a card claiming to have great features. A gentle white-blue design seeks to appeal today’s average universal user without focusing on gamers or musicians. As a tribute to the fashion, “MP3” in large type is printed on the right.

So, the beginning is rather promising. Let’s open the box. Let’s read the card help: “Playback of DVD movies with 5. As a result, playback of DVD movies with 5. This software is usually supplied with the DVD drive. Please refer to your DVD drive’s documentation for more detailed information. Those smart men who “jammed” a lot of software for work with MIDI into a universal card but forgot about one unfeatured but significant detail “How can one of the main card’s features – Dolby Digital 5.

Well and good, the problem can be solved by 1 minute of searching and an hour of downloading the latest WinDVD version I used the 2. Unfortunately, the most user-friendly and functional player, PowerDVD 2. During the article translation into English the incoming 3. Of course, there exists Cinemaster which claims to provide such support but I have not yet found an operative version of the program.

The card circuit is given below. Don’t be confounded by plastic-colored connectors – it’s only a case. There is a tried metal screen inside each connector except for RearOut. The first strange thing was that computer did not restart upon installation of the drivers from CD. That’s nothing to what followed. The software operates improperly and the system constantly “turns” to the “blue screen” or spontaneously restarts.

I got Santa out and inserted the two old “chaps”. No problems! It was clear that there is something amiss with the new card. Oh, all right then, let’s download the latest drivers rather imposing in size – 20 MB , re-install Windows and read FAQs. It seems as if everything is OK, but suddenly you find the information that the card can not operate together with any other sound card.

So, during Santa Beach usage it is necessary to switch Live off in the System. At last many troubles caused by the card are eliminated and it is possible to work. Let’s hope that such eccentric behavior is errors of youth but not a sad personality of the card. In general, the Panel is carefully thought up. There wants but separate volume control for all channels available in the card. So, that’s not the half of the story and the main testing is to be performed that is usage of undoubtedly interesting and useful card’s feature – reproduction of 6 channels of audio DVD track.

How is it worth considering this feature? It is likely that only the feature can be considered only as a cheap mean for adequate Dolby Digital 5. For example, it can be applied as a part of an advanced audio-complex. I think in this country this will be very acceptable, as many users have piled up several amplifiers and Soviet audio-systems rather good by sound at their prices and significantly updated by do-it-yourselfers.

And favorite occupation of any true audio-fan is soldering and experimenting with various arrangements and configurations of audio system. But it is still better than lately widespread various plastic sets of computer “under-acoustic systems” or “over-headphones?

Expansive models are not preferable as their excellent features can not be realized because of acoustic properties of ordinary rooms – just imagine where can you find a 4×5 m separate room with special finishing and without furniture?

And it is absurdly to pay money and to bury acoustic systems in room corners aheap with various stuff, to sit into the center of stationary waves and to argue about exceptional sound effects.

So, I think it will be more interesting to examine rather cheap variants of arranging such complexes. I selected two films to see: “Die Hard-3” and “Matrix” both overfilled with special effects.

The sound tracks of the films were recorded in Dolby Digital 5. Only English-language films are suitable for watching although Russian dubbing is rather good.

We compared the sound of the most exciting moments of the films through 6 speakers and the Santa card and down-mixing to 4 speakers through the Live. From the very beginning I was not sure that is it really necessary to use 6 acoustic systems in ordinary conditions and with such childish sub. However, I had to admit that connecting of the dedicated sub-woofer and central channel improves the perception significantly.

The fact is that AS-3 is an algorithm of compression with losses and that is why it is too “sensitive” to any processing and virtualization of middle channels though the frontal ones inevitably results in quality losses. Subjectively purer high tones of the Santa in comparison with the Live make special effect more transparent and natural.

As usual, SpectraLab 4. Those who would like to repeat measurements can download the latest version of the program on the web-site of its authors. Journalists call the Santa as “Live killer”. As for me personally, I don’t like such labels because in the case of competition a new product is at a disadvantage – too increased requirements are imposed on it. Let’s remind MX which claimed to be a “Live vs.

Vortex2 long-expected alternative” but failed to become it. Out of interest, I looked through Santa reviews available in the Internet and written by my colleagues from Doodlenet unlike Runet and found a lot of delighted opinions about bit codecs of the Santa Cruz. You did not mishear: not about the card sounding but just about codecs bitness! Later we will discuss the card sounding. At first let’s take a practical view of the producer’s specification of the chips.

At first about the terminology. Apparently to finally confuse end users, producers think up more and more new names and measure units for measured features of their products. According to Crystal Semiconductor, the dynamic range is a ratio between the signal level of 3 dB within the clipping point 0 dB or so called Full Scale level and the noise level at dB signal. They, of course, refer to various engineering standards. Traditional signal-to-noise ratio SNR which exactly indicates noise level at REAL conditions is omitted possibly because of its insignificance.

The signal-to-noise ratio given in the card specification was derived as follows: the signal was separately measured and then, upon passing the zero-level file with the same recording level but with FS! SNR was derived by subtracting the first value from the second one. Even under such mild conditions the features for 20 bits were rather disappointing. Furthermore, taking into account the A-weighting, audio accuracy is estimated about bit!

And what do you want to get at this price? The more this range is, the more time is needed to notice audio imperfection when increasing the volume of audio player. Conservative by nature, I will measure everything routinely without any cowardly indulgence to fashionable hardware:. The amplitude-frequency features of testing for non-linear distortions and noises with delivering the input standard sinusoidal 1 kHz signal are given below.

Sinusoids -3dB in amplitude were generated in SoundForge 4. This choice was determined by two factors. Firstly, in practice nobody normalizes music to 0. Secondly, everything was done to provide adequate comparison of the results as none of cards known to me except for the Live can provide up to 0 dB from its out to its input with the Santa clipping is not achieved only up to -1 dB.

The best results are usually achieved around – 3dB. Pay attention please that just the same level is given in the producer’s specification. For those who is doubting I give the “almost to 0 dB” spectrogram below:. The results of the tests are applicable for example to conversing MIDI-tracks to Audio-tracks in a sequencer or to estimating a record quality for those part of an input signal that was processed by board processor of the card.