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Steam controller mouse region.


Steam controller mouse region.


.Mouse region totally broken.[SOLVED] :: Steam Controller General Discussions


Nov 26,  · Now that it’s been 5 years since the official release of the steam controller (and it has recently been discontinued), what would you change or add to make the steam controller v2? I’ll go first: So this is an obvious one, but include BLE hardware and software/firmware out of the box. No update two years down that enables Bluetooth, just. Jan 11,  · Currently mouse region is % useless, across both touchpads and the stick it causes the mouse to go ♥♥♥♥ing insane and just shoot around the screen the same way across all three input methods. Please fix Silly me for assuming I could use big picture mode without it screwing something up. Steam Input Aficionado. 3 years ago. As others have pointed out, mouse region uses X, Y type locations that vary greatly based on DPI Scaling, OS Level Zoom, and Resolution. This is the biggest reason why you’ll rarely see Mouse Region (or Cursor Position) appear in .


Steam controller mouse region.Mouse Regions (Steamworks Documentation)

Jan 10,  · With mouse region on the mouse is locked to a center point, any direction you go to will cause the mouse to move within a circle (or oval) from that center point in that direction to the end point. This is mostly for menus or ARPG movement. Apr 15,  · Mouse region Mouse region is especially useful for those who play MOBA, ARPG, or MMORPG games. Mouse region takes a predetermined area of Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins. With left stick set to mouse region defaults, control is Well it’s flat out god-awful. Full-tilt Up moves the mouse to about a [60%, 85%] position on the screen (if 0,0 is bottom left). Full-tilt Down moves the mouse completely off screen (I can’t see it to give reference coordinates). Full-tilt Left puts the mouse at about [25%, 50%] (actually not bad); but Full-tilt right once again sends the mouse straight off the screen.

Mouse region totally broken.[SOLVED] :: Steam Controller Algemene discussies

Sign In. Getting Started. Steamworks Documentation. Certain inputs can be mapped to “mouse regions”, which send mouse input to the game, but map the input’s total range of movement with screen space, which means e. In addition to working great for top-down style games, regions can be restricted to certain areas of the screen, scaled, stretched and mode-shifted in to select mini-maps, toolbars, inventory, etc.

For example, you can use this in legacy mode for games that require precision clicking on UI elements in fixed locations. Note that mouse regions do not fire any actions or mouse events automatically, by default they just control the mouse position. If you want to additionally fire actions or mouse events you must specifically apply those bindings in your configuration. Examples The Banner Saga This game features tactical turn-based combat, and on this particular screen there is a HUD element in the lower left that lets you select different characters.

By placing an oval-shaped mouse region in the lower left hand corner and binding it to the Steam controller trackpad, we can easily select a character just by swiping left or right and clicking.

Here the lower left hand corner features a minimap, so placing a mouse region in that area will allow us to scroll around and quickly direct our attention where it’s needed. Visible mouse regions If you select “Toggle Controller HUD” from the Big Picture Mode overlay, you’ll see an on-screen indication of your mouse region, which is useful for setting it up the first time. The shape of the mouse region depends on the controller and input. For example, the PS4 controller has a rectangular trackpad, which creates a rectangular mouse region, whereas the Steam controller has a circular trackpad, which creates circular mouse regions.

You can set any value between 0. For a rectangular mouse region, it should map with the screen’s boundaries. For a circular region at this size, it will extend the circle far enough past in both directions to contain the entire size of the screen, with clamping applied at the edges. Acceptable values are between 0. Choosing 0. Touch Binding touch controls only An action can be sent while touching the pad. This button will be released when you stop touching.

Note that 0,0 represents the upper-left corner of the screen and 1,1 represents the lower-right. Haptics Intensity This sets the intensity of the Haptic feedback vibrations in the trackpad. Additional Settings Snap Mouse To Region On Mode Shift if used with a mode shift When enabling the mode shift, this controls whether the mouse should be snapped to the center of the region or not.

Snap Mouse Back on Stop This controls whether the mouse should be snapped back to its former position when this mouse region stops receiving input. This happens when either the input source that controls it stops receiving input, or the mode shift that triggered it ends. Trigger Press Mouse Dampening This setting is non-functional for mouse regions, and will be removed soon. Steamworks is the set of tools and services built by Valve that help you configure, manage, and operate your game on Steam.