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Pioneer avic-8000nex.AVIC-8000NEX


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Summary of Contents for Pioneer AVICNEX. Page 1 For more information, please contact your Authorized Pioneer Electronics retailer or call us at () Be sure to read Important Information for the User. The AVICNEX provides stellar door-to-door navigation, with maps of the entire U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, plus nearly 8 million searchable points of interest. A built-in traffic tuner presents timely reports on congestion along your route in most metropolitan areas, while text-to-speech voice prompts announce actual street names at : Pioneer. Pioneer’s AVICNEX is ready to roll with direct connectivity to your iPod or iPhone for music and video via an optional USB interface cable (sold separately) depending on your iOS device. Song, artist, time and album information are beautifully displayed on the 7″ touchscreen.


Pioneer avic-8000nex.Pioneer AVICNEX Navigation receiver at Crutchfield

Feb 26,  · Official Pioneer DJ Forums; Software Updates; Service and Support Center Hours. Monday – Friday (except Holidays) – AM and – PM PST. Car, Marine and Computer Products Call Cycle Service and Support Call Plasma Display and PJTV Support E-Mail – [email protected] Wireless phone integration for all kinds of drivers Pioneer’s flagship AVIC-WNEX navigation receiver attempts to disprove that old adage that one shouldn’t try to be all things to all : Pioneer. Pioneer – 7″ – Android Auto/Apple® CarPlay™ – Built-in Navigation – Bluetooth – In-Dash CD/DVD Receiver – Black. Model: AVIC-WNEX. SKU: User rating, out of 5 stars with 50 reviews. (50) Get it in 7 days. Compare.
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Pioneer AVIC-WNEX Navigation receiver at Crutchfield
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Table Of Contents. Quick Links. See also: Installation Manual. Operation Manual. This software requires that the product is properly. For more information, please contact your.

Authorized Pioneer Electronics retailer or call us at. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Flash memory multimedia av navigation receiver pages. Be sure to read Important Information for the User Please read through these instructions so you will know how to operate your model properly. After you have finished reading the instructions, keep this document in a safe place for future reference. Page 3 Contents — Scrolling the map to the position you Checking route information and want to see 30 preferences 41 — Watching the simulation of the Searching for and selecting a location route 42 Searching for a location by address 31 Searching for Points of Interest POI 32 Registering and editing locations and — Page 5 Contents Selecting a preset channel from the preset Selecting files from the file name list 95 channel list 81 Selecting a file from the list related to the Storing broadcast frequencies 81 song currently playing link search 95 Storing the strongest broadcast Playing files in random order 95 frequencies 81 Setting a repeat play range Page 8 Contents Setting the beep sound — Selecting the color from the preset Adjusting the response positions of the colors touch panel touch panel calibration — Creating a user-defined color Adjusting the picture Selecting the theme color Displaying the firmware version Selecting the clock image Updating firmware Page Introduction!

Functions of other keys on the same screen are indicated with at the beginning of the The screen examples shown in this manual description: are those for AVICNEX. The screens may e. If you touch [OK], the entry is deleted.

If this product fails to operate properly. Press to display the Top menu screen. Press and hold the HOME button to acti- tons. Press to remove the detachable faceplate from this product.

Protecting your product against theft NEX NEX XBS When you release your finger, the bottom of the detachable faceplate separates slightly The detachable faceplate can be detached from this product.

Touch the following key. The following screen appears. Opens the LCD panel. Insert it with the label surface face-up and The LCD panel opens, and the disc press the card until it clicks and completely is ejected. Start the engine to boot up the system. Page Switching Screens Using The Hardware Buttons Chapter Basic operation Switching screens using the hardware buttons 1 Top menu screen 7 AV operation screen This is the starting menu to access the de- You can customize the settings for each sired screens and operate the various func- source.

XBS only. The AV operation screen of the selected source appears. Selecting a front source on the AV source selection screen Selecting a rear source Press the HOME button to display the You can select a source output to the rear dis Page Operating The Time Bar Chapter Basic operation 5 Confirms the entry and allows you to proceed If you touch the key, the rest of the characters are scrolled for display.

Press the MAP button. Page How To Use The Map Chapter How to use the map Most of the information provided by your naviga- Touching this field displays route information tion system can be seen on the map. You need to during navigation. Browsing the data field The data fields are different when you are navi- gating the current route and when you have no specified destination. The estimated time of arrival is only a reference value, and does not guarantee arrival at that time.

If the next turn is at a distance, it will Changing the scale of the map zoom out and lower the view angle to be flat so you can see the road in front of you. Returns to the Map screen. To enable these functions, you must stop in a safe place and put on the parking brake before setting your route. Page Searching For Points Of Interest Poi Chapter Searching for and selecting a location p If needed, you can select from different route alternatives or change the route plan- ning method before starting navigation.

Around Destination: name of the facilities Searches for a place around the destination You can search for POIs by their categories of the current route. After a short summary of the route para- meters, a map appears showing the entire route.

The route is automatically calculated. Page Selecting A Location You Searched For Recently Chapter Searching for and selecting a location p If needed, you can select from different p If needed, you can select from different route alternatives or change the route plan- route alternatives or change the route plan- ning method before starting navigation.

You can see the text box at the top of the screen. The Map screen appears. When navigation is already started, there are several ways to modify the current route.

The Touch the following key. You can edit the route by modifying the list of destinations adding a waypoint, or changing Set the starting point of the route.

Page Watching The Simulation Of The Route Chapter Checking and modifying the current route Displays detailed information about the seconds but you can open them again by route. There are also additional icons for touching the map.

Jumps to the previous gui-! Alternatives: dance point maneuver. Page 44 Chapter Registering and editing locations and routes Scroll the map and select a location. The cursor appears at the selected point. Displays the list of additional fea- tures on the certain screen. To edit a previously saved alert point, touch Touch [Add Alert Points]. Address details of the current posi- tion when available Press the MAP button. Display: Sets separate themes for daytime and navigation settings nighttime use, adjusts the display back- You can configure the navigation settings, and light, and enables or disables menu anima- modify the behavior of this system.

Start Configuration Wizard: Modifies the basic software parameters — Page 49 Chapter Customizing preferences of the navigation Highways — U-turns are not used in routes turning around on a divided road is not consid- You can decide whether to avoid freeways ered a U-turn for the purpose of this sys- when you are driving a slow car or you are tow- tem.

Verbose: Voice instructions are given once You can adjust the volume of all sound types. If you exceed the speed limit, the sign You can see the effect when you change a set- color is changed. Page 52 Chapter Customizing preferences of the navigation Data Fields road signs above the road is displayed at the Touch and hold down this key and then select top of the map. You can turn this feature on or the values that you wish to have displayed to off.

As you approach the destination, When animation is turned on, keys on menus this navigation system can offer parking cate- and keyboard screens appear in an animated gory places near your destination.

This section describes how to set be performed. After the device is successfully registered, a Bluetooth connection is established from the system. Starts searching. The profile icons in the registered device list screen are displayed and illuminated as fol- lows. Bluetooth wireless connection, a connection to this product will automatically be estab- p For some Bluetooth devices, no specific ac- lished.

Touch [Connection]. Deletes a paired device. A message prompting you to delete a regis- tered device appears. Bluetooth wireless connection To connect your Bluetooth device to this pro- duct via Bluetooth wireless technology, you need to enter a PIN code on your Bluetooth device to verify the connection. Page Updating Bluetooth Software Chapter Registering and connecting a Bluetooth device Updating Bluetooth software Touch the following keys in the follow- ing order.

This function is used to update this product with the latest Bluetooth software. For details on Bluetooth software and updating, refer to our website. If your cellular phone features Bluetooth tech- nology, this product can be connected to your cellular phone wirelessly.

Using this hands- free function, you can operate this product to make or receive phone calls. After finding the number you want to call in the phone book, you can select the entry and make the call.

The most recent calls made dialed, received Selecting a number by alphabet and missed are stored in the call history list. Touch the desired entry on the list to make a call. The dial screen appears. Ends the call. Dialing starts. Using the preset dial lists Ends the call. Page Answering An Incoming Call Chapter Using hands-free phoning Answering an incoming call Minimizing the dial confirmation screen This product informs you that it is receiving a call by displaying a message and producing a p The dial confirmation screen cannot be ring sound.

Answering a call automatically! On default : Turns the ring tone on. This product automatically answers incoming! Off: calls to the connected cellular phone, so you Turns the ring tone off. Talk directly on your mobile device Hands-free phoning You can use the voice recognition function in the same way as using it on the iPhone. Page 68 Chapter Using hands-free phoning Registration and connection Phone book transfers!