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Libre office fresh vs still.LibreOffice Still vs Fresh: Quale versione scegliere?


Libre office fresh vs still.Confused about Libre Office FRESH compared to STILL


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Feb 23,  · The ‘Fresh’ version provides more new features and is closer to what’s being actively developed in our source code repository. The ‘Still’ version can Estimated Reading Time: 1 min. That means that usually LibreOffice Fresh has more features, but LibreOffice Still is more stable. The process does not always work as intended and sometimes LO Fresh is more stable than LO Still, but we should not let these exceptions cloud our judgement. As a rule of thumb, it’s safer to use LibreOffice Still. Most conservative users might decide to upgrade their installation only twice a year (from last . Feb 08,  · LibreOffice, migliore alternativa a Microsoft Office ma completamente gratis, è disponibili in due versioni. Quale scegliere tra LibreOffice Fresh e LibreOffice Still? LibreOffice è la migliore suite per l’ufficio gratuita in circolazione ed è molto completa sebbene abbia molte lacune, soprattutto a livello grafico e da sempre la migliore.


Libre office fresh vs still.fresh vs. still [closed] – Ask LibreOffice

The latest “fresh” version of LibreOffice, recommended for technology enthusiasts, which contains new features and program enhancements. This version may contain a few annoying bugs which will be fixed in the next bugfix versions to come. The mature “still” version of LibreOffice, recommended for enterprises. As such, the version is stable and is suitable for all users. Feb 23,  · The ‘Fresh’ version provides more new features and is closer to what’s being actively developed in our source code repository. The ‘Still’ version can Estimated Reading Time: 1 min. Oct 01,  · common. asked Oct 1 ‘ Phalan. 1 1 1 1. I am going to download and install on my new computer and I don’t know what to get. Fresh or Still? I am a home user and use mainly word and spreadsheet functions. Preview: (hide).

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Confused about Libre Office FRESH compared to STILL – All Other Applications

The ‘Fresh’ version provides more new features and is closer to what’s being actively developed in our source code repository. The ‘Still’ version can offer greater stability for those people who don’t need any of our latest and greatest improvements to LibreOffice. The naming issue was recently discussed at length on the User mailing list here. Just a meta-comment, but those who manage the libreoffice website really need to add a single line to each download page identifying what differentiates the fresh and still versions.

I get what “Fresh” means, but “still” doesn’t clearly imply “Stable”. New users are given no independent information on the download pages explaining what the difference is between the two. Agree with anastrophe, its an instant turnoff to anyone wanting to download. One sentence is all it takes to not make people end up here wondering why a premier free software project can’t even get this right. Independently of the naming scheme adopted I understand the difficulties associated , I fully agree with anastrophe: all it take is a single sentence on each download page — a small investment of LO time for the benefit of many Thank you.

I had to google to find out what was meant. Is there a reason not to explain the terms? Yet, i deliberately opt to use libreoffice. Agree with everyone above. Why not stick to stable in stead of still? And user for example experimental in stead of fresh. Nobody uses these words still, fresh.

Confronting new people with these terms will frustrate them. Agreed, considering that I’m here for the same reason as everyone else, that is: what’s the difference between Fresh and Still? So yeah, it would be nice to have that one sentence. I need a few more points before I can simply uptick anastrophe’s comment!

Please click the check mark to say it answered your question. The “answer” field is intended for answers to the question. If you like to comment, use the “add a comment” link. Libre 3. Fresh install of 3. Installation Failure – New User [closed]. Spell check only works for admin account windows not network user accounts [closed].

Why can’t I permanently set accessibility support? Crash when starting LibreOffice Portable under Windows 7 x64 [closed]. First time here? Check out the FAQ! Hi there! Fresh or Still? I have a Mac OSx machine and a Windows 7 machine. Which version should I download? Closed for the following reason the question is answered, right answer was accepted by Alex Kemp close date Komuso — The choice is up to you! Both versions will run marvelously well on your OSX and Win7 machines.

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