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Last stand 2 weapon locations.Perks & Weapons Guide


Last stand 2 weapon locations.The Last Stand 2


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For specific weapon categories, see the Weapon Types page. For a server-generated list of weapons, see Category:Weapons. Weapons are items featured in all installments of The Last Stand series. 1 Background 2 The Last Stand 3 The Last Stand 2 4 The Last Stand: Union City 5 The Last Stand: Dead Zone Any device used to inflict damage or harm other things are called weapons. Not . Jack with a G17 pistol.(The Last Stand 2 picks up immediately after the military helicopter’s timely rescue of Jack and his group. He is breathing a sigh of relief when disaster strikes — one of his group is infected. It is implied that the infection takes over and the survivor-turned-zombie causes the . Locations of The Last Stand series The Last Stand 2 The State: Glendale · Whistler’s Grove.


Last stand 2 weapon locations.Store | The Last Stand Wiki | Fandom

Locations of The Last Stand series The Last Stand 2 The State: Glendale · Whistler’s Grove. Apr 29,  · undefined (actually its a stinger)- 1 ammo. Rifles. hunting rifle – 1 ammo. other weapons. chainsaw – ammo (yes it has ammo too or watch it yourself) bow – 1 ammo. grenades – 1 ammo. for me i like hunting rifle cuz it can shoot zombies down in 1 . Jul 18,  · Location: Claysburg Weapons found there:Uzi,and UMP 45 Location:Whistlers Grove Weapons found there:Compound bow, and shotgun Location: Aspenwood Weapons found there:Sawed-off shotgun,and Hunting Rifle Location: Jonestown Weapons found there:M4A1,Grenades, and AK Location: Fort Tran Weapons found there:M Minime, and RPG Location:Union City.

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The effectiveness of a weapon is governed by a variety of statistics and special traits, each of which may be improved with various Perks , Mods , and the weapon’s upgrades. This stat table is accurate as of 1. Feel free to use the comment section if you see anything different now or in future updates! Laser weapons are unique in the fact that they have no reserve ammo and don’t require any use of the Ammo Box to refill their ammunition, effectively granting them infinite ammo.

They will, of course, need to recharge after exhausting their shots. All of these weapons are gamepass exclusive and come with interesting elemental effects or just plain differ from other weapons to the point where they would be best in a section like this one. NOTE: Weapon pages are currently being worked on, and not all of them are up-to-date. Weapons can be bought by interacting with the display desk they’re housed on. Some weapons are tied to a Gamepass Pack which is indicated by the orange background.

These require their respective gamepass to be bought in order to buy the weapon in-game. Pistols are inexpensive and have low weight, but have low DPS. All pistols are affected by the Gunslinger perk.

Most pistols have Akimbo upgrade due to their small size. Submachine Guns are automatic firearms with high firerate, but have high spread and poor ammo economy.

Compared to Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles have less firerate in favor for more damage and control. They have high total damage per shot but at the cost of low accuracy, low range, and a lower than average headshot multiplier. These weapons have a low rate of fire, but deal high damage per shot. In addition, they have a higher headshot multiplier and generate more money per kill than other weapons.

All rifles are affected by the Rifleman perk. These weapons have low range, but deal high damage and require no ammo with the exception of the Chainsaw. They are commonly used with powerful Perk setups. These weapons fire explosive projectiles which explode upon collision or exceeding range. They are typically used to wipe out or weaken large crowds of zombies.

These weapons tend to be both extremely expensive and extremely powerful, being almost necessary to use in the late game. These weapons are sold by the Mobile Shop and can only be purchased or upgraded during the day after every fifth night without upgrades.

They do not consume ammo, but instead recharge over time. Some weapons require a Mobile Shop upgrade in order for the weapon be purchased. Laser firearms are affected by Reserve Cooling. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don’t have an account? Start a Wiki. Damage – The base damage dealt by the weapon against the unarmored torso or limbs. But what kind of zombie slayer would aim their gun anywhere besides the head? That’s why the headshot multiplier is also shown, provided the weapon has one.

Headshot multiplier upgrades increase it by a multiple of the specified amount. Critical – Critical chance of the weapon, which causes it to deal triple damage at base when it procs.

It’s nonexistent without perks or upgrades. Targets – The amount of targets the weapon can hit with a single attack.

If it isn’t a whole number, the last target to be hit only receives a portion of the full damage. Speed – How fast the weapon can attack based on attacks per minute, and whether or not it’s fully-automatic. Reload – How long it takes to reload the weapon. Most weapons use magazines while others reload one round at a time.

Be aware that detaching the magazine from a weapon will immediately transfer its ammo to the reserve. Accuracy – Overall accuracy of the weapon. The left value is for hipfire and the right is for aiming. If there’s only one value then aiming isn’t an option. In addition, accuracy perks don’t work linearly, but upgrades do. Recoil – The kick of the weapon, whether for hipfire or aiming. If it’s at least 10 it’ll kick quite hard, making rapid fire less consistent.

Fortunately the weapon always recovers to the original point of aim. Recoil perks don’t work linearly, but upgrades do. Range – How far away the weapon can fire before being completely ineffective. Eyeball the distance before firing or use the rangefinder on your NVGs.

Efficiency – How much ammo from the ammo box is needed to refill one round of the weapon. Magazine – The amount of ammunition in the weapon’s clip or magazine that is ready to be fired at a moment’s notice. Beware, small magazines and rapid fire rates might not mix very well. Reserve – The amount of additional ammunition in the weapon, which is used to replenish the magazine. When it’s empty, it’s time to refill the weapon or sell it off.

Certain weapons have their entire ammo in the magazine and thus don’t have a reserve altogether. Weight – The amount of space the weapon takes up. More weight makes you walk a little slower, and you can’t carry over your maximum weight.

Money – The percentage of money the weapon receives from hitting or killing enemies, usually reserved for high-damage weaponry. Special – The special traits of the weapon that are shared by very few others at most. All gamepass-locked weapons are highlighted in a different color. Velocity – How fast the projectile travels. Launchers aren’t hitscan and will take some time to reach their target.

In addition, projectiles will explode in mid-air upon reaching the extent of their range, which can be useful for airburst bonuses. Categories :. Fan Feed 0 Perks 1 Weapons 2 Zombies. Universal Conquest Wiki.