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Kilzone 2 xbox 360.Killzone 3 Xbox 360 Skin


Kilzone 2 xbox 360.Bethesda Software Brings Killzone 2 Quality For Xbox360 With Brink


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Killzone 3 Xbox decal for Xbox Console and 2 controllers. Choose your favorite design from a huge range of Xbox decals collection for Xbox Console. Feb 27,  · No one could have suspected that the sequel to ‘s Killzone would be this good. Killzone 2 is a tremendous package, offering an exciting . About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.


Kilzone 2 xbox 360.Killzone 2 Review – GameSpot

Killzone 3 Xbox decal for Xbox Console and 2 controllers. Choose your favorite design from a huge range of Xbox decals collection for Xbox Console. To be honest there’s already better looking games coming up in both consoles (ps3,). Killzone 2 is nothing spectacular, visually closer to boring than breathtaking. DIY PS3-Xbox control pad demonstrated playing killzone is not fake, the making of the controller can be seen here: Not fake at all. The making of.
Killzone 2 Review
Why, because of space of course… Blu-ray rulz according to Guerrilla
Bethesda Software Brings Killzone 2 Quality For Xbox With Brink | N4G

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Killzone 2 Can’t Work on Xbox

Brink was shown behind closed doors at E3’09 and everyone single pair of eyes that witnessed this game were blown away. Most importantly they were blown away by the fact that the game was running on XBOX why? Because it was the first time that Killzone 2 overall quality was displayed on Microsoft’s platform. You’d think he’d be crowned king here – heh. Absolute BS. You people crack me up. Whats the problem? They do look better. What’s with you blind fanboys that are seeing things this gen lol.

Totally hilarious I tell ya. Ps3 fanboys are the ones that need to get their heads checked Killzone 2 has overrated graphics with crappy textures and looks no better than Gears 2, Mass Effect 2 or Alan Wake. I’m not saying it doesn’t look good because it does, but in no way does it look as good as Ps3 boys claim it to. Gears 2 does some things better and Killzone 2 does some things better but overall they are more or less equal. I agree Killzone 2 graphics are not the best. Uncharted 2’s graphics are but, Killzone is better looking than any game currently out.

If Brink happens to outdo Killzone 2 in graphics, lighting and animations combined, then congratulations. You’re finally able to see what it’s like to own a PS3. Above the above. No, GeoW, come on. Don’t be silly. That beach map is incredible, with all that wind and rain going on.

Take the time and look at the sky for once in the other one, and your jaw will drop again, believe me. Good luck for who ever tries to top that. I’ll believe it when I see it. Although there’s already two games If it does surpass or equal, congratulations. The has more power then I thought, if not No doubt gears 2 was a fun game man, but cmon don’t make claims like that It honestly didn’t provide anything more than Uncharted Drakes fortune did.

What games are you talking about that you say look better than Sony’s lineup? And why do you say that if Brink looks better than Killzone 2 than the has more power than you thought when you just sayed that theres titles already doing so which is completely wrong. EDIT: Oops, my mistake. I thought your period after KZ2 was a comma which made your statement “Although there’s already two games Looks like its an online game it also mentions Live and psn logo’s.

Nothing else came close. Surely if the was capable of better, someone would have delivered by now. My guess is this was shown running on a PC. Time will tell. Um, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Bethesda’s previous games have not really been that technically impressive. I was expecting Killzone 2 to blow away Uncharted, but after I got the game home and played it I found that Uncharted still had the edge. Uncharted has better character models, better textures, equally good lighting and effects and an overall better art direction. I was able to predict this was gonna be an HHG article simply by looking at the title.

A sort of 6th sense if you would call it given the amount of BS we’ve been exposed to here.. The game isn’t even developed by Beth. It’s by Splash Damage. For whatever reasons, the article leaves that out. Edit: Reading the little quote I guess it’s a quote, there are no quotation marks but it’s bolded for some reason it’s supposedly some hide and seek game with the textures.

I don’t know how far that goes toward ‘proving the power’ of any platform more than clever devs finding another compromise in order to fudge it. PorcelainGod I find it hilarious that you can’t see that those games equal or beat Killzone 2. The problem some of you have is you try to compare graphics directly when most games are too different to compare directly. Each of those games has strengths that the others lack, and weaknesses too. Alan Wake looks gorgeous in terms of the texures, lighting and effects but on top of that it is a massive open world game that offers 30 square kilometers to explore.

So yeah, when I consider all aspects of what is going on under the hoods of these games from a technical perspective I do think that Killzone 2 is surpassed by a few other games. I am not so sure about Brink until I find out more about what it is doing.

Alan Wake does look pretty damn impressive, the only reason I’m getting a Edit: Wow, disagrees for a game that I thought to be looking really good and fun. You they spent all their polys on the weapon you hold, then paint on shadows to pass of as an ambient lighted object?

That kind of quality? Is the game FUN? I thought KZ2 had a good single player campaign, but the online play I found to be lacking.. Yeah, I totally called this. Back when HipHopGamer first bust on the scene I posted here saying that he didn’t get enough hits to be of any use to Microsoft, but once he did he would flip and all of a sudden you would see him all over MS coverage because Microsoft could use him then.

Remember that Bethesda isn’t developing the game, first of all, Splash Damage out of London is. Second, they’re using the id Tech 4 engine, which aren’t bad graphics but really isn’t utilizing either of the consoles to their fullest and likely never will. Develop a great looking and fun to play game? Graphically superior to what 1st party developers are doing on the PS3? HHG is just the current Surfergirl and Surferboy n4g had in the past. Retarded titles brings him website hits To the ps3 fanboys: first of all The guns look good, and the motion blur was good.

The game still looks pretty lame and doesn’t rival gears. EDIT: i love how all you ps3 fanboys loved this guy 6 months ago when all his titles were pro ps3. One more edit: aside from the blind, unrealistic quality props you give to killzone. The best looking titles for console for this generation have been 3rd party titles. Assassin’s Creed Farcry 2 are easily the 2 most impressive looking just looks, not gameplay games for console so far.

With each and every word you wrote, all you did was shine more light on how butt hurt you are that your mom won’t buy you a PS3. That was the most ridiculous little rant I have ever read, and I have read a lot of stupid things.

Assassin’s Creed? Not to mention it’s not such a buggy mess. On consoles, Killzone 2 and Uncharted are the best looking games. Or at least, you can’t argue it and still come across as genuine or not blind. EDIT: If you wanna read ridiculous things, just reread what you wrote. EDIT: ace, you have no idea. But the graphics are so nice on PC, you just can’t help but play it. I really mean that. Id Tech 4 is the Quake 4 engine. Id Tech 5 is the new Rage engine. If they think they are getting a good looking game with that then good luck.

Due to the way that engine utilizes large textures it’s one of the main things that makes that engine kick ass they will have the same issues as Rage does with the – meaning the will get compressed textures. I hope they saw more than the short video. The short video showed nothing that indicated KZ2 graphics. A very beautiful detailed face model with no action what so ever. I think they could pull that off on the Wii :.

Dude I have nothing against you, but I must disagree with your post there. Firstly, this is about PS3 and , so leave the PC out of this. We already have the conclusion that PC multi plat games look better than console counterparts. Secondly, Uncharted and KZ2 are the best looking games this gen on consoles.