How to get the mp40 in advanced warfare.


How to get the mp40 in advanced warfare.


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MP40 and M weapons available Sept. 29th for Advanced Warfare on Xbox One. Close. Posted by 4 years ago. Archived. MP40 and M weapons available Sept. 29th for Advanced Warfare on Xbox One. Advanced Warfare-World at War Reskin, flogging a dead horse til the bitter 4 ain’t even got the 2nd lot yet Wtf ����. Sep 30,  · WOOOO! MP40 gameplay coming tomorrow! Thanks for watching guys:D Video brought to you by Audible: Throwing Girlfriend in Poo. Sledgehammer Games has announced that two new weapons – MP40 and M – will be available for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox One starting Tuesday, September 29th. M The classic pistol returns as the first new secondary to be introduced to Advanced Warfare. This pistol has stood the test of time, being [ ].


How to get the mp40 in advanced warfare.AE4 | Call of Duty Wiki | Fandom

It is possible to get the MP40 weapon in “Five” and Moon using console commands on PC. It is in the PC codes for Ascension. It also appears multiple times in the Moon Cinematic Trailer. It has the Austrian Steyr factory code bnz. 42 marked on top of the reciever meaning this was manufactured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Sledgehammer Games has announced that two new weapons – MP40 and M – will be available for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox One starting Tuesday, September 29th. M The classic pistol returns as the first new secondary to be introduced to Advanced Warfare. This pistol has stood the test of time, being [ ]. Sep 30,  · WOOOO! MP40 gameplay coming tomorrow! Thanks for watching guys:D Video brought to you by Audible: Throwing Girlfriend in Poo.

The MP40 Maschinenpistole 40 [1] is a German submachine gun. It is the most frequently featured submachine gun in the Call of Duty franchise , as it is featured in all World War II installments, as well as appearing in the main games of the Black Ops series and in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

The MP40 is one of the most common weapons in the game, and by default has abundant ammunition. It does high damage, though this tapers off in Call of Duty: United Offensive , along with high magazine capacity and very little recoil and an adequate rate of fire, except that unlike other machine guns, the MP40 does not have a semi-automatic firing mode.

This makes for a very versatile weapon in the campaign, as it only takes two shots to the body to bring down an enemy, although in Call of Duty: United Offensive , it takes up to five rounds.

Its high damage and rate of fire makes it the best spray-and-pray gun in the game, as it can clear an entire room with only one magazine. Overall, the gun can be considered a much more abundant version of the British Sten. The MP40 is still relatively powerful in multiplayer, as it takes just three bullets to kill an enemy, or up to seven at long range in Call of Duty: United Offensive , and with its fairly good accuracy and high magazine capacity, it is more than capable of killing ten or more opponents per magazine.

The MP40 is a stable submachine gun found on all fronts. It is the first automatic weapon encountered by the player in the level ” Not One Step Back “. It does decent damage and has controllable recoil, compared to some other submachine guns. On the last level of the game, Wehrmacht troops carry often up to 1, rounds or more with them.

Anywhere else in the game each soldier has 96 at the most part except for the first mission, where one can be found with no more than rounds in it. The most a player can hold at once is 32 rounds in the magazine and rounds of reserve ammunition. The Call of Duty 2 MP40 has been slightly modified from the older versions and is the most common found weapon in the game. While its damage and rate of fire are the same, its recoil has been significantly increased.

This makes it much harder to control, so burst firing a target that isn’t in close quarters is essential if the player wants to hit an enemy. It takes two rounds to kill an enemy in the campaign, the same as the older installments.

Also, its range is somewhat decreased. The MP40 is still quite powerful at close range, still requiring only three rounds to kill one enemy. It is also not seen in mission featuring the French or Italian militaries. It is a very easy weapon to use, and ammo is never a problem, for almost all German soldiers use it on most levels.

At close and medium range, the MP kills in two to three shots, and four to five at long range. Its iron sights are very clear, and it can also be single-fired, if the user has an adequate trigger-finger.

In Call of Duty 3 , the MP40 is very similar to the other games, and is one the most common weapons available, as a large amount of German soldiers carry the MP Recoil can be heavy depending on how long the player holds the trigger.

Though not as powerful as the Thompson , the MP40 is a respectable choice if one of the player’s starting weapons runs out of ammunition. In the level, Hostage!

The MP40 is only available for the Axis faction in multiplayer. It has heavy recoil, therefore it must be fired in short bursts at long ranges. At medium and short ranges, the MP40 can be used effectively in fully-automatic fire.

At very close ranges, aiming down the sight is not necessary. The MP40 also has one of the quickest reload times of all the weapons in multiplayer, making it a decent weapon for close quarters engagements. It is common to switch to the MP40 in campaign since the Russian PPSh burns through ammunition extremely fast and many allies have to be killed to obtain a usable amount of ammunition though this is not the case in ” Heart of the Reich “, as the majority of allies will be wielding the PPSh during the main assault on the four Flak 88s , making ammunition much more readily available in this part.

In any case, ammunition for the MP40 is widely available in campaign. It is a reliable sidearm to the Mosin-Nagant rifle, due to the stated reason that ammunition is easily found, and that it also is powerful in close quarters. In terms of damage, the MP40 is one of the most damaging fully automatic weapons.

However, on the PC version of World at War, its maximum damage is smaller than that of an MP40 on the console version. On the PC, the MP40 is capable of obtaining three to four shot kills, and the MP40 on console is capable of obtaining two to four shot kills, both without Stopping Power or Headshots. Going for headshots, on the PC, is an effective way to score two and three shot kills easier, whereas, on the console version, the MP40 will only have its time-to-kill decreased at long range.

The range may not be as long as desired, but it exceeds that of other SMG’s. Penetration abilities are poor, like other submachine guns. Using Deep Impact can alleviate this. Accuracy is a mixed bag with this weapon.

The iron sights are clear, but the recoil is high on this weapon, kicking upwards and somewhat to the side. This makes Double Tap, on this weapon, extremely risky, as recoil is magnified to the point where, during long range engagements, it’s nearly impossible to stay on target. The magazine size is one of the largest in its category, at 32 rounds this doubles to 64 with Dual Magazines.

Mobility is high, the hipfire spread is tight, and the reload is pretty manageable, at 2. Using Dual Magazines increases both reload times by milliseconds, which can hamper Reload Canceling , to an extent.

The Suppressor can well suit a stealthier approach. Combining it with the stealth perks, Camouflage and Dead Silence , or even Reconnaissance , can create an awareness class that: keeps enemies clueless about your location, and sometimes detects incoming threats. However, this attachment reduces a player’s range ability, and prevents Dual Magazines from being used, creating a smaller ammo supply.

If the player is accustomed to the iron sights, this attachment should be avoided at all times. Dual Magazines doubles magazine capacity to 64 rounds. If a Suppressor is not desired, Dual Magazines is often the best attachment for the weapon. The low rate of fire, high power, and high magazine size will allow the player to tackle several enemies, at once, without reloading.

For Tier 1 perks, basically anything, except for Bandolier , will work well. Due to the weapon being extremely common, online, many players can collect ammo from dropped MP40’s. For Tier 2 perks, Stopping Power only aids players on the PC, and on the console, it only increases long-ranged damage.

As such, many players use other Tier 2 perks, in order to benefit from the MP40’s high damage. Juggernaut is often chosen, as it is: unlocked at level 1, and makes the user a very potent threat.

However, many players frown upon this combination. Some players opt for Double Tap, which can sometimes be life-saving, but many players find that it renders the MP40 inaccurate at range. For Tier 3 perks, a perk to complement the corresponding Tier 2 or Tier 1 perks will yield good results. For example, if the player chooses Juggernaut, Second Chance can make the player durable, and hard to kill, in many circumstances.

In Hardcore game-modes, the MP with Stopping Power will be able to one-hit kill any soldier who isn’t using Juggernaut, Second Chance, or hit by bullet penetration. Using Deep Impact can aid players who frequently shoot through cover, and a headshot can allow one-kit kills, from afar, without Stopping Power. As long as the minimum damage isn’t being dealt, a soldier lacking Juggernaut, Second Chance, and cover will instantly die.

The MP40 appears in all Nazi Zombies maps, being available off the wall in all maps except for Nacht der Untoten for points, and from the Mystery Box in every map for points. As usual, it is comparable to the Thompson, but with a larger magazine at the expense of a lower rate of fire.

Like the Thompson, it is a powerful weapon in the early to mid rounds. In the later rounds, players will frequently run out of ammunition. However, its recoil is significantly reduced compared to the campaign or multiplayer variant. Even after the upgrade, players will often run out of ammunition in the middle of the round, leaving them vulnerable. The ability to buy ammunition and upgraded ammunition off the wall is often a huge advantage over guns that do not have this feature, as ammunition becomes an issue with all weapons in later rounds.

Just like the console versions, it has the lowest rate of fire of all automatic weapons and a round magazine, but that is where the similarities end. First of all, the MP40 has the lowest damage output of all weapons in game, as opposed to one of the highest.

Secondly, it has the lowest recoil of all weapons, having nearly none. Lastly, the rate of fire is so low that even a mediocre player could fire a semi-automatic weapon faster than it. Despite the seemingly bad qualities, it excels at long range engagements where accuracy triumphs power.

The MP40 is the most commonly found weapon in the British and Russian campaigns. Unlike its multiplayer variant, it is a decent weapon to use, killing foes with three shots at any range, though its use is limited to long ranges.

As mentioned before, the MP40 best used at long range, but can be effective in close quarters in one on one engagements. Due to the less advanced game engine, the player is given enough time to aim for the enemy’s head and kill them before they, themselves, are killed.

The MP40 maintains the same stats as in the campaign but with higher rate of fire, however, it is still best treated as a long range weapon, as its low power and low rate of fire make it terrible in close quarter engagements, unless one is attacking an unsuspecting enemy or is aiming for the head.

Due to these factors, it is seen much less than the console versions. However, if the enemy is surprised, it will easily dominate them. And, as with all submachine guns, they lose much power at a distance, though with the MP40’s low rate of fire, recoil is not much of a problem. It is in every map and can be found off of the wall, but in Nacht der Untoten it can only be found in the Mystery Box. Speed Cola is recommended on the iOS as the bolt must be pulled back after every reload, empty or not.

The MP40 also has slightly less recoil, as almost all recoil on the application is visual and does not affect aim, if the weapon has any at all.

The Pack-a-Punched MP40 does not increase any damage per round, and because the Pack-a-Punched version only has a double magazine size, Pack-a-Punching the MP40 can be considered a waste of points.

The MP40 appears in every mission taking place in Europe. It is first available in the mission ” Ettelbruck “. It is fairly better than the Thompson on stopping power, magazine size and ammo. The MP40 appears exclusively and frequently in the campaign mission ” Project Nova ” and sports a new appearance, as it is covered in snow and a new outer chrome-like plating.

The MP40 appears to be a test killstreak and a test weapon of the Care Package. It is featured in the killstreak’s code, but cannot be acquired during gameplay. The announcer sounds for MP40 also exist in game files.