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Hearts of iron 4 land doctrines.Best land doctrine for each country


Hearts of iron 4 land doctrines.Land doctrine


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Land | Doctrines Hearts of Iron IV Guide. Land | Doctrines. It goes without saying that the majority of military actions you will be taking in the game will take place on land. Also, this is the only way to conquer enemy territory, so you do not have much choice here. Four individual variants of this type of doctrines have been prepared, and. Nov 25,  · one of the most common questions when i play multiplayer is which doctrine should i go? even as germany in hoi4 italy and japan players ask. even canada play. Oct 21,  · As for doctrine I go for mass assault. 1) It gives +5% to recrutable and nice boost for infantry (entrenchement and organisation) which is perfect to make a lot of cheap infantry to defend all your and german ports in europe and north africa. 2) It give % attrition and great recovery rate to fight in central and south africa.


Hearts of iron 4 land doctrines.Best land doctrine for each country | Paradox Interactive Forums

Land | Doctrines Hearts of Iron IV Guide. Land | Doctrines. It goes without saying that the majority of military actions you will be taking in the game will take place on land. Also, this is the only way to conquer enemy territory, so you do not have much choice here. Four individual variants of this type of doctrines have been prepared, and. Nov 08,  · Country choice matters far less than your specific playstyle. Default best doctrine is Superior Firepower. Go Deep Battle branch of Mass Assault if you want supply efficiency and deep encirclements. Mobile Warfare is acceptable if you want to mix armor + Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. Nov 25,  · one of the most common questions when i play multiplayer is which doctrine should i go? even as germany in hoi4 italy and japan players ask. even canada play.

best land doctrine? :: Hearts of Iron IV General Discussions

Best land doctrines for italy? :: Hearts of Iron IV General Discussions

Land doctrine is a technology group that allows a nation to specialize the way its army conducts land warfare.

The doctrine tree consists of four exclusive branches that provide different bonuses. The first doctrine research has a base time to research of days. All following doctrines researches have days. All other research speed modifiers are added to this. Note: It’s possible to change doctrine throughout the game, but all bonuses from the old doctrine are lost, as if completely abandoned, when starting research of a different doctrine tree. This path focuses on mobile mechanized and armored units and is the default German path.

It also reduces the time needed for planning bonuses to reach maximum. This path is somewhat frontloaded with early bonuses. The first branching in this tree allows you to choose between Mobile Infantry or Armor as your main focus. While Mobile Infantry isn’t as effective in combat, it is cheaper and can be used in greater numbers, so it could be an alternative strategy for Germany, or be used by a less industrially powerful nation.

The second split offers the choice between switching over to a defensive posture, maximizing Manpower gains and improving partisans, as Germany historically did, or continuing to develop offensive mobile doctrines. The American and Yugoslav default path, this doctrine focuses on well-equipped divisions with a lot of support companies and artillery which gain additional bonuses when fighting in areas with friendly air superiority.

The first split offers the choice between improving support companies or focusing on line artillery. The second split will let you pick between Airland battle for combined arms warfare, or Shock and Awe historically used by United States long after WW2 particularly the Gulf War and Iraq War , which keeps the majority of your focus on ground-based firepower.

This could be thought of as the traditional doctrine path, and is the default choice for the British Commonwealth, France, Italy, Japan, and Poland. This doctrine path gives divisions larger planning bonuses and boosts Infantry and Artillery. It is a bit weak on the offense to begin with, but has some defensive bonuses. The split offers the choice between increased offensive potential and steadily improving all unit types with the Assault path, or focusing heavily on Infantry with the more front-loaded Infiltration path Note that the reduced supply consumption and night-battle bonus the right split offers could be particularly useful for the in-depth operations of Paratroopers.

Grand Battleplan’s strong point is its superior planning bonus, and using this advantage effectively takes patience and a compatible national strategic timetable, tempo of warfare, and style of command. It focuses on using large amounts of Manpower and offers increased morale, reinforce speed, and reduced effective combat width, allowing more men to fight at once to take advantage of large divisions.

The early techs give some defensive bonuses and Infantry boosts. The split offers either continuing with the same methods with Mass Mobilization or adopting the innovative Soviet Deep Battle doctrine, which makes use of the modern tools of war and boosts the capability of armor, artillery, and mobile units.

Mass Assault divisions often have more men than weapons to arm them, but this just means that the living will pick up the weapons of the dead and carry on the fight, an approach that tends to work better on defense than attack. The following tables will compare the differences between every possible path of the selected land doctrines.

The two tables separate army and overall bonuses from division unit bonuses. Below are a few example 20 combat width divisions with technologies applied. Do note that Mass Assault doctrine changes width of infantry battalions, so the resulting division may be under 20 width.

You can either use more battalions in the template to compensate, or let the game fill the front with more divisions. Either way, the specific numbers shown below may be slightly deceptive in case of Mass Assault. Forum list Trending Latest New posts. Paradox Wikis. Hearts of Iron 4 Wiki. Active Wikis. Personal tools Log in Talk Contributions Log in. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. Paradox links – Wikis – Forums – Mods.

From Hearts of Iron 4 Wiki. This is a community maintained wiki. If you spot a mistake then you are welcome to fix it. Hearts of Iron IV.

Land warfare. Command group. Battle plan. Land battle. Infantry technology. Support technology. Armor technology. Artillery technology. Land doctrine. Land doctrine research tree. United States Yugoslavia. Soviet Union China Communist China. Mobile Warfare is a focus on speed and maneuver to cut off and disorganize enemy forces. Even when a battle cannot be won, it can be advantageous to slow the progress of attacking forces with ambushes and delaying tactics. Rather than focusing all strength on the front line, an elastic defense creates a ‘deeper’ layer of defenses which allows the defender more time to react and counter-attack while the attacker is spread out and bogged down.

Mobile Infantry. Regular Infantry is often too slow to keep up with, react to, or escape from rapidly moving Armored forces. The answer is to focus on Motorized or Mechanized Infantry which can keep up with the pace of modern warfare.

To use Tanks to their fullest potential they cannot be tied down supporting Infantry. Instead they must be formed into fast moving, independent units which can spearhead attacks. In any operation the Schwerpunkt, or Focal point, must be identified and maximum force concentrated to win at that point. Motorized troops are well and good, but to lead offensives we need Infantry that can ride into battle in armored transports which protect them and carry heavy weapons.

Blitzkrieg refers to the strategy of fast moving Armored forces supported by Mobile Infantry and air support breaking through enemy lines to disorganize and encircle them. A Kampfgruppe was an ad hoc formation which was organized to carry out a specific task. Desperate Defense. Modern Blitzkrieg. The Volkssturm, or People’s Militia, consisted of men who were too old, too young, or otherwise unfit for regular military service.

Even invalids and cripples must be drafted, there can be no such thing as a civilian. Backhand Blow Enables tactic: Backhand Blow. Rather than fighting for every inch of ground, enemy penetrations are largely avoided until they have extended themselves, at which point they can be cut off and destroyed by counterattacks. The Werwolves were a planned German resistance group that would fight on against the occupying powers when the war was lost.

The pinnacle of Mobile Warfare, Modern Blitzkrieg incorporates all the latest advances of technology and the lessons learned from previous doctrines. This doctrine focuses on throwing shells, not men, at the enemy. Our manpower is precious, bullets are cheap. Mobile forces can be used to reinforce the defense wherever the enemy may attack. Dispersed Support. Integrated Support. By dispersing our Support units they can cover a wider area while remaining out of the line of fire, resulting in divisions with greater defense.

Closely integrating support forces with combat troops results in divisions which are stronger on the attack. Calling on all available support units to give overwhelming firepower can greatly soften up a target, or better yet, seriously ruin an attacker’s day.

A regimental combat team is an Infantry regiment closely integrated with supporting units such as Artillery, Tanks, and Reconnaissance elements to form a small self-sufficient unit which allows for greater flexibility when attacking. Airland Battle. By concentrating the fire of different batteries into a synchronized bombardment much greater damage can be inflicted on the enemy.

A Centralized Fire Control system allows all calls for artillery support to be evaluated in one location, and if needed, a division’s entire firepower to be concentrated on a target rather than a unit only being able to request fire from the artillery assigned to them.

Armor, Infantry, and Support units working together in well organized teams are far more effective than the same forces used separately.

Forward Observers take up positions where they can directly observe the accuracy and effects of artillery fire, and relay the results back to the guns for correction. Officers familiar with combined arms operations in forward positions can now directly control all branch’s operations.

Artillery camps can be positioned close to the front lines in fortified bases in order to give the maximum possible support to advancing forces. With the ground forces already operating in combined arms formations, AirLand Battle now also emphasizes close coordination between land forces and air forces, merging the Air and Land battlefields into a seamless whole.

A massive concentration of firepower will impose this overwhelming level of Shock and Awe against an adversary on an immediate or sufficiently timely basis to paralyze its will to carry on. A shovel is often the best weapon of the infantry.

Units learn the value of entrenching in any position they take up. Extensive planning and preparation before engaging in battle is the key to success. More extensive systems of field fortification greatly improve a unit’s defense.

Once sufficient forces have been built up and their objectives well planned out, a powerful assault cannot help but to destroy the enemy. The offensive spirit of the infantry is the decisive element of winning battles. Our infantry must lead the way.