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Halo 4 pre order bonuses.About preorder bonuses….


Halo 4 pre order


Get exclusive skins for armors, weapons or helmets by pre-purchasing the new shooter.Pre-Order Bonuses – Halo 4 Wiki Guide – IGN


May 30,  · Halo 4 developer Industries has posted details about the numerous pre-order bonuses it has prepared for the first-person shooter. Find out if . May 31,  · Over the last week retailers have begun to reveal various pre-order bonuses for the much-anticipated Halo Interestingly, many of them are . May 27,  · Halo 4 Pre-order Bonuses Offer Camouflage Spartan Armor [Updated] ‘Halo 4’ is about to get a fashionable upgrade with new pre-order bonus skins. We’ve seen Author: Tyler Schirado.


Halo 4 pre order bonuses.Halo 4 Gets Pre-Order Bonus Items

May 31,  · May 31st, by William Schwartz. Halo 4 Pre-order bonuses were revealed earlier this week, and today a handful more have been revealed on the Halo Waypoint Blog. If you plan on pre-ordering the shooter, you’ll have multiple bonuses to choose from depending on where you decide to plunk your cash down. explained the pre-order bonuses by clarifying on armor skins, making sure players know that there is no “locked” armor types reserved for pre-orders. Nov 01,  · Pre-Order Bonuses. Below you’ll find the various Skins, Helmets, and Emblems you can get from pre-ordering (or in some cases just purchasing) Halo 4 at the retail outlets listed. May 27,  · Halo 4 Pre-order Bonuses Offer Camouflage Spartan Armor [Updated] ‘Halo 4’ is about to get a fashionable upgrade with new pre-order bonus skins. We’ve seen Author: Tyler Schirado.
Developer 343 Industries details Halo 4 pre-order bonuses
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Halo 4 Pre-order Bonuses Offer Camouflage Spartan Armor [Updated]
You can add more Halo 4 Pre-order bonuses to the list
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You can add more Halo 4 Pre-order bonuses to the list | Attack of the Fanboy

Spartans are about to look a little more chic than usual when Halo 4 arrives. Never before has a Spartan worn camouflage armor — armor has always been limited to solid colors. Each game in the Halo series however has allowed for players to customize more details with time, and with the Halo 4 pre-order bonuses, players may get an upper hand – visually speaking – in online multiplayer than their solid colored enemies. These pre-order camo suit skins could be a fresh change for hardcore Halo fans, and if Industries wants to take the series into their own hands with Halo 4 then gamers should welcome it with open arms.

It’s an interesting choice, but if the developers decide to add this level of customization of armor skins in the slew of options for the Infinity Multiplayer Mode , players might have more fun and roll with it.

Camouflage customization is available in plenty of other shooters, and after Halo: Reach introduced armor customization, the more options the better to help players create their own unique characters. Five different retailers are allowing various different armor upgrades. At EB Games , players can take home a red and white forest armor and an arctic weapon skin. Head on over to GameStop to grab the green and white forest armor. Shopping online, Amazon has a yellow and white “web” armor skin and Play.

Aside from the additions to these skins, the Infinity Multiplayer mode is shaping up to be expansive. Customization is going beyond what Halo: Reach began and the maps look incredible. If players are looking to upgrade their Spartan even further, look forward to the Limited Edition package that contains more exclusive content. For those who love to decorate everything before a big game release and spend money on things that shouldn’t’ cost money, take to the XBLA Marketplace and for only MS points download these premium Halo 4 themes.

This concept art is very stunning and those looking to upgrade their themes would be quite happy to own these. If these concept art images are anything like the game we can expect very detailed and incredible environments that will only enhance the gameplay experience. Follow me on Twitter TyRawrrnosaurus. By Tyler Schirado Published May 26, Share Share Tweet Email 0.