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Nov 20,  · Filza File Manager is a Finder like file manager for iOS devices that gives users access to their device’s root directories. It can be used to files to a device among many other things. Five Icon Dock. Five Icon Dock tweak makes room for a fifth app icon on the iPhone’s icon dock. Contribute using PayPal. Some people want five icons on their dock; not six, not seven, certainly not an arbitrarily large number of icons. For these people, this package is the only correct choice: the only extension that knows enough to “just return 5;”. In a sense, this package is “a classic”: one of the early, one of the strong, one of the. Aug 02,  · Le iphone xs and max tricks fit more icons in your iphone s dock how to get five icons in your iphone dock how to use the new ipad dock in ios 11 how to use the ipad dock in ios Five Icon Dock Lets You Exceed Your Iphone S Four Limit. New Iphone Ios 6 Hints At 9 Pin Dock .


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Five icon dock for iOS Download Package: FiveIconDockXI Five icon dock for iOS Download Package: FiveIconDockXI Five icon dock for iOS Download Package: nocturnal Control Center Module for Eclipse! Download Package: OLED Dark Mode Make iOS 13’s OLED-Friendly Download Package: OLED Dark Mode Make iOS Nov 20,  · Filza File Manager is a Finder like file manager for iOS devices that gives users access to their device’s root directories. It can be used to files to a device among many other things. Five Icon Dock. Five Icon Dock tweak makes room for a fifth app icon on the iPhone’s icon dock. The iOS version allows any software developer to develop third-party addon apps for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, and even Apple Watch. App developer can then upload the apps they built to Cydia App Store. On the other hand, an Apple user who has a jailbroken iOS device can download this app via Cydia for free or for a little cost.
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iOS 7 Jailbreak Dock Tweak – How to Add an Apps on your iDevice Dock!
iOS 7 Jailbreak Dock Tweak – How to Add an Extra App on your iPad or iPhone’s Dock!
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Top 10 Free Cydia Tweaks for iOS 9

In this post, we will walk you through twenty Cydia tweaks. Cydia is basically the App Store equivalent for jailbroken devices. Cydia is for those Apple users who do not want to be confined by the restrictions Apple imposes on different aspects of its devices.

Note that jailbreaking your Apple device will void its warranty. Once you gain access to Cydia, possibilities are practically limitless. There are so many ways you can change the look and feel of your device. If you are fed up of the same old boring themes you have been using for awhile, check out all the cool new ones on Cydia. You can also change the lockscreen theme by downloading a LS theme of your choice from Cydia. You can also make changes to the status bar or the dock screen.

Simply put, Cydia is the one-stop solution for anyone who want to personalize each and every aspect of their iOS device. For more information on Cydia, check out our ultimate Cydia guide for beginners. Free Tweak Repo : justgetflux. Whenever a notification arrives on your iPhone, the screen glows with all brightness. This tweak allows you to organize messages by letting you split them into categories.

You can group messages from family, colleagues, friends under different tabs. It offers the flexibility to re-order these categories. This tweak provides endless possibilities for organizing messages. So you may want to wait a few more days to have this tweak on iOS This tweak helps you group similar apps into folders. It provides quick access to similar apps using activator gesture. Free Tweak Repo: Red Panda. This jailbreak tweak lets you add an additional icon to the iPhone dock.

Five icons in the dock look great on the iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s as the icons are well spaced out. This tweak gives iOS notifications a makeover and lets you personalize the look of your Lock Screen and Notification Center notifications to suit your personal preferences. You can make the notification experience feel minimalist or extreme. If you are a minimalist fan, then you set a simple dark and light color schemes.

If you like exotic, starkly contrasting colors, you can change your color schemes accordingly. SweetDisplay lets customize app launching and closing animations. You can define an animation when you go to the app or when you return to the springboard.

There are about 16 animation themes available. This tweak also lets you choose the duration of the animation. In short, an awesome tweak for animation lovers!

Akri lets you access your favorite apps from the lock screen. You can access this tweak by swiping from right to left on the Lock screen. Each swipe to the left takes you to a new app shortcut. This tweak also lets you easily configure apps as your favorite apps. Ever wished for a way to determine the progress of respring on your iPhone? This tweak does just that. It adds a bar to the respring screen that keeps you informed of its progress. This is quite useful when the device enters boot loop after the installation of a faulty tweak.

This Cydia tweak adds frequently used emoji to keyboard prediction. EmojiPred makes your job easy by suggesting frequently used emoji and adding them to the keyboard.

This tweak enhances your unlock style and lets you password-protect your folders. This is a very handy jailbreak tweak for locking folders in your iPhone. Any app that you want to protect from being accessed can be placed inside FolderLock. Want to add more color to background blur when using 3D Touch? Then this tweak is for you! One of the best iOS 10 tweaks, Cuttlefish dynamically colorizes the menu background to match the dominant color of the app.

Only the background blur is altered, not the menu itself. This tweak is compatible with iOS 9 and iOS This tweak is certainly one of the oldest.

With this tweak, you can enjoy more ways of securing your data. You can also restore, backup, import, export and wipe data. One of the best Cydia tweaks ever! This tweak lets you add the status bar to the App Switcher on iOS 10 devices. With this tweak, you will always be aware of time, battery and signal strength. Evanesco is a small modification which makes your icons disappear after a defined time of inactivity.

This is one of the latest iOS 10 Cydia tweaks. Evanesco is for those who wish to flaunt wallpaper — the tweak fades out dock, status bar and icons when your iPhone is idle. With this tweak, your can admire your wallpaper until your iPhone becomes active again.

Compatible with all devices running iOS 8, 9 or Perfect for privacy and putting some focus on your wallpaper. Wish to have one of those junk removal tools for iOS 10?

The first real iOS system cleaner and optimizer. It removes unnecessary files from your device and allows you to tweak it to your liking.

This is one of the best Cydia tweaks, compatible with iOS 4. One of the best Cydia tweaks that let you keep your lock screen clean and tidy without notifications. The tweak handles all notifications on your lock screen and prevents them from cluttering.

A red dot starts to glow whenever you have a notification. Tapping on the right side of the lock screen allows you to view all notifications. Free Tweak Repo: Hosted by original developer Yllier.

If you wish to get rid of those annoying advertisements, AdBlocker is one of the best iOS 10 Cydia tweaks you must install right now. It removes all ads from Safari web browser and other applications, giving you better navigation and surfing experiences. This tweak has already been updated to be compatible with iOS One of the best Cydia tweaks to keep annoying advertisements at bay.

The YouTube application on iPhone can be used to watch videos, movies and more. If you are concerned about the background task 10 minute time limit, Infinity Task — one of the best Cydia tweaks — comes to your rescue.

This tweak removes the minute time limit from background task manager. With this tweak, you can continue to run apps in the background. The tweak has been updated to be compatible with iOS PadClock enables number pad on the alarm clock and allows you to set alarm easily.

The tweak has been updated and optimized to work on iOS Many tweaks happen to be part of Big Boss repository. The Big Boss repo comes pre-installed with Cydia. A few tweaks are paid but the majority of the tweaks are free. If you happen to know other cool and exciting Cydia tweaks, post in our comments section! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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