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Devon townsend linkin park.Chester Bennington’s Tragic Real-Life Story


Devon townsend linkin park.Linkin Park, Nuclear Research and Obsession


Chester Bennington’s dad wasn’t ’emotionally stable’.2 Years Sentence for Linkin Park Cyber Stalker


Feb 20,  · A former Sandia National Laboratories that admitted to using her computer to track and harass Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington has . Jun 15,  · Gallery: Linkin Park’s Mysterious Cyberstalker. Devon Townsend was a year-old single mom from Albuquerque. She worked as a technologist at the Sandia Nuclear Lab. Feb 22,  · A former US government security lab worker who used office computers to cyber-stalk Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington was sentenced Wednesday to two years in prison.. Devon Townsend used her access to Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico to hack into the crooner’s email account, and also tapped his mobile provider’s website to obtain the telephone number of .


Devon townsend linkin park.Chester Bennington’s Tragic Real-Life Story

Jul 05,  · Devon Townsend apparently had a fascination with a band called Linkin Park. She liked music and was familiar with a number of popular bands. In looking at her entries in MySpace, she seems like a normal young woman who enjoyed pizza and ted Reading Time: 4 mins. May 15,  · Levy read Townsend her rights and had her sign the Secret Service’s Warning and Consent to Speak form B. Then Dimitrelos got down to business. “Do you know the band Linkin Park?” he asked Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. Feb 22,  · A former US government security lab worker who used office computers to cyber-stalk Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington was sentenced Wednesday to two years in prison.. Devon Townsend used her access to Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico to hack into the crooner’s email account, and also tapped his mobile provider’s website to obtain the telephone number of .
Woman Pleads Guilty to Stalking Linkin Park Lead Singer Chester Bennington
Apparently it’s illegal
ABQJOURNAL NEWS/STATE: Former Lab Worker Sentenced in Stalking of Linkin Park Singer
Linkin Park stalker sentenced
Bennington experimented with drugs and alcohol at an early age
Linkin Park cyber-stalker sent to jail • The Register

In , someone took control of the cell phone, email, and PayPal accounts of Talinda and Chester Bennington. His band’s infectious mashup of rap and rock had made it the most high-profile act in the genre called nu-metal. He’d sold more than 40 million records. Played stadiums, seen the world, won a couple of Grammys. Only 30, Bennington had survived a tough past of drugs and abuse. He married and had a child, then endured a bitter and costly divorce.

He had recently remarried, this time to a gorgeous schoolteacher named Talinda, and moved into a 6,square-foot house in Orange County. Fans loved the pierced and tattooed man-boy for his primal scream and his approachability, the way he would sign their photos and wave back to them at the grocery store. When a group of overenthusiastic teenage girls mobbed him and ripped out some of his hair, he took it in stride.

He was dressed in ripped black pants, black knee socks, and a long black coat with Lenin’s face stitched on the side. I don’t need this protective wall. Talinda Bennington sat down to check her email. It was March , and for Talinda, 29, life was good. She had recently married Chester and they had just had a son together.

Chester was working on an album with legendary producer Rick Rubin. She opened a message from an unfamiliar address. Then, as if to taunt Talinda, there was a link to a Web site run by Chester’s ex-wife, Samantha. Talinda didn’t make much of it.

She was married to a rock star, so she knew how obnoxious fans could be. They blasted Linkin Park songs outside the couple’s house at 3 am. Nailed lyrics to their front door. One time, a woman slammed on her brakes and caused an accident when she saw Chester strolling by — she had to stop and tell him how much she loved him. The friend had dated Talinda years before, and the email he received made all sorts of dark inferences based on that fact.

Later, when Chester was out of town, Talinda got a message from the same address. But this time the tone wasn’t vicious; it was weirdly familiar and solicitous. The creepily chummy emails continued through the spring. Then, in the wee hours of the morning, Chester’s cell phone rang. He fumbled for it in the dark, but when he answered there was dead silence on the other end. It happened again. And again. But the operator was no help.

Maybe she was feigning ignorance. Or maybe she was a telemarketer. One night soon after, Talinda had just put their son to sleep and crawled into bed when Chester’s cell phone rang. This time, she reached over and answered it herself.

Caller ID had been blocked. Friends began emailing Talinda and referring to messages they had received from her — messages that she had never sent. When they forwarded the emails to her, she saw that they came from a Yahoo account she hadn’t used in months. Then Linkin Park’s head of security, Bruce Thompson, got an email from someone purporting to be Talinda. Strange emails from fan? They seem to know a lot of information. The mind games intensified as spring turned to summer.

As they struggled through a child- custody battle, the stalker “helpfully” outlined an elaborate scenario on how Chester might be able to discredit his former wife. One afternoon, Talinda discovered that she couldn’t log on to her eBay account because the password had been changed. Soon after, she got an email from PayPal reporting that someone was trying to change the password to that account. Though such emails are often spam, sent by cyber criminals in an attempt to “phish” for user data, a call to PayPal confirmed it was real.

No one had taken the Benningtons’ money, but someone was trying to gain access. The PayPal rep told her to notify her local police. Are they here? In August, Chester got an automated text message from Verizon Wireless, his cell phone provider, confirming a new password for his online account. Like most phone companies, Verizon allows subscribers to manage their accounts on the Internet and view lists of incoming and outgoing calls. To open this type of account, users need only go online, fill out a form, and choose a password.

But Chester had never opened an online account for his Verizon mobile phone; he got his bills the old-fashioned way, by snail mail. So why was Verizon confirming a password change? Suspicious, Chester and Talinda logged on and changed the password, promptly receiving an SMS verification of their change. Then another notification informed them that the password had been changed again. So the couple changed it back and got another confirmation. When they got yet another text message announcing yet another change they had not made, the Benningtons logged on and found a question written in the space where the password should have been.

It was September 11, , a fateful anniversary but just another Monday for Konstantinos “Gus” Dimitrelos. Dimitrelos is a former Secret Service agent with a black belt in judo and a knack for computer forensics.

As a special agent in the Secret Service’s Technical Security Division, Dimitrelos would secure locations for visits by presidents Clinton and Bush — sweeping it for hazards like bugs and chemical weapons, as well as setting up evacuation measures in case of disaster or attack.

The mission of the Secret Service also covers fraud, identity theft, and assisting local law enforcement with forensics.

As a result, Dimitrelos had chased down counterfeiters in Colombia and software pirates in Miami. He was particularly adept at interrogations.

I’ll throw a chair through a wall, flip over a table. In , Dimitrelos blew out a knee during a confrontation, which relegated him to a desk job.

When he retired a couple of years later, he could have gone into the private sector — he had lucrative offers to do cybersecurity work for Home Depot and Bank of America — but that wasn’t his speed.

There was a two-year backlog of state cases seeking to use the FBI forensic labs, and state law-enforcement officers needed to be trained on the seizure of digital evidence. He wasn’t crazy about moving to the sticks.

But he took the contract gig and ended up digging the beaches and the barbecues in this small town of 5, people. Dimitrelos works in a windowless office with beige walls and drab furniture. A photo on the wall shows him behind the White House press podium someone is hoisting him up so he can look over it. In addition to overseeing the Alabama digital evidence department, Dimitrelos founded Alabama’s High-Technology Crimes Task Force, working with current Secret Service agents on cases involving homicide, student hackers, and arson.

And he pursues private for-hire cases under his online shingle, Whohackedme. With his Secret Service experience and contacts, Dimitrelos has garnered plenty of referrals. Since starting his company, he’s done forensics work for Perverted-Justice. He worked for the Department of Health and Human Services on a case involving an ex-employee who was sending threatening emails, and he assisted the FBI with an investigation of a Northrop Grumman employee accused of having a hard drive full of child porn.

There was one type of client, though, that Dimitrelos tried to avoid: paranoid celebrities. One high-profile musician had him check for microphones in the shower because he thought someone was listening to him sing.

If I don’t get a case that has meat, I don’t want to do it. But on September 11, , a celeb case landed in his lap: Talinda Bennington called him. She had been referred by his lifelong best friend, Beverly Hills attorney Daniel Hayes, so Dimitrelos heard her out.

She told him about the escalating invasion she and her husband were grappling with, and that she had contacted local authorities only to be told that they couldn’t do anything until someone actually got hurt. But privately he thought, “There’d better be meat here. He got Talinda’s login info and went into her Yahoo email account. On his inch monitor, he started to examine the messages in Talinda’s out-box that had been sent without her knowledge. The activity on the account ran all hours of the day.

Dimitrelos pulled up the header of each email, which shows the Internet protocol address it was sent from. As he eyeballed several messages, one IP address kept popping up. Dimitrelos ran a program to trace the address.

When the results flashed on the screen, his eyes widened. Sandia National Laboratories is one of the Department of Energy’s three nuclear weapons research facilities. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, it was created in by J.

Robert Oppenheimer, former head of the nearby Los Alamos lab, as a center for developing the technology that goes into nuclear bombs. The lab is run by the Sandia Corporation, which is owned by defense contractor Lockheed Martin. The thought of someone inside a top-secret nuke lab spending their days stalking a rock singer was ludicrous. Dimitrelos figured it must be a hacker who was using a Sandia machine as a proxy to protect their own IP address and identity. This wasn’t just about a nu-metal rock star and his family anymore; it was a national security issue.

He had to let Sandia know that someone had compromised one of its computers.