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Cities xl 2012 cheats.Cities XL Platinum Trainer


Cities xl 2012 cheats.Cities XL 2012 v1.0.5.725 Trainer – PC


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Nov 23,  · To cheat in Cities XL , and get unlimited money and other bonuses, you need a special trainer. If you decide to use this trainer, you should follow these steps to get it and install it on your computer: Download the free Cities XL trainer from or ted Reading Time: 2 mins. Mar 17,  · Work With: Cities XL – Cities XL – Launcher – Cities XL Platinum. What’s New: Added 50 New Buildings – Added 5 New Cheats Unlocking – Added Game Play Feature – Support With Window Oct 14,  · Cities XL Cities XL is the newest version of the popular PC city-building simulation, which allows you to build, develop a.


Cities xl 2012 cheats.unlimited money build mode :: Cities XL Platinum General Discussions

MegaGames – founded in , is a comprehensive hardcore gaming resource covering PC, Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, Mobile Games, News, Trainers, Mods, Videos, Fixes, Patches. Oct 14,  · Cities XL Cities XL is the newest version of the popular PC city-building simulation, which allows you to build, develop a. This page contains Cities XL cheats list for PC version. Now we have 1 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code. We hope information that you’ll find at this page help you in playing Cities XL on PC platform. If you didn’t find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we’ll find for you in the future!
Cities XL 2012 Cheats
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Here you will find all information needed to help you understand the basic game concepts applicable when you start your first cities. I assume that people reading this are playing the game for the first time, so I will try to keep my explanations as simple as possible though necessarily not that detailed.

If you require more in-depth information about the game, you can find it in the numerous other articles in the Wiki. There are some general game-play concept articles that I would recommend: Transportation, Game economics, Resources and Citizens. You should check them out after you’re finished with this guide. Before we start, I’d like to emphasize first the benefit of going through the Tutorials, included in the game. They are by no means complete, or detailed, but they will greatly help you to understand and visualize the basics, especially when combined with your acquaintance with this guide.

Pay attention to the messages displayed in the main menu Interface. Many people just buzz around, clicking on blue buttons, plopping down stuff, admiring their stuff, and then start complaining that their cities don’t work and whine that the game is impossible.

Well, this is not a Sandbox designer program, where you could do everything you want – this is a game, and as such gives you challenges to overcome! The game gives you plenty of warning when something is wrong, and it also provides you with all necessary informational tools to find out what exactly is wrong, and how to fix it. You just have to look. There are:. It’s simple: Green is Great , Red is Danger.

You can figure out the rest in between. In the Economy Layer there is also a legend describing the small icons floating above your buildings. Finally, pay attention to the details that pop up when you hover above each thumbnail in the Construction menu – they will give you a bunch of necessary information about what will happen if you place that building.

Also, when you are about to place a Service building, you can snap it to Roads while still hovering around with its Blueprint, and it will light up the nearby roads with the effect it’s gonna have AFTER you place it. Use this to choose the best spot for it, or judge if it will do any effect at all. The first thing you will do after clicking the Play button in the Main menu which will only happen hopefully after you’ve gone through all the Tutorials is marvel at the sight of the Planet approaching out of the Cosmos.

You will notice scores of gray dots on the Planet – these are all city slots, waiting for you to start constructing on them! On the right-hand side of the screen you will see the Maps menu, where you will be able to select a map of your choice from a list the 62 maps currently available. Each map has a difficulty degree. This has mostly to do with relief and the availability of resources or City-links. It’s good to start with maps with smaller difficulty degree, until you get more experienced.

Each map has different natural features, which translates in different resources available. There are, however, some resources that are very important, because they allow the production of some key components in the game – we call these Map-dependent resources. Each map has one or more of these resources available – Oil deposits for Fuel production , Arable land for Agriculture , Water and Holiday zones for Holiday hotels.

If you want to produce any of these resources in your city, you’ll need to choose a map with at least one star in the respective map resource. Otherwise, their production will be impossible in this city with the exception of Holiday zones, which could be created additionally in every city.

Most maps are ‘Land’ maps – they are either completely landlocked, or have an extensive border with a landmass. These maps can connect with the rest of the Planet via the full spectrum of Inter-city transport options. Others are ‘Island’ maps – they are completely detached from landmasses and can only be connected to the Planet via Harbors or Airports.

The name of the map usually suggests which one of the two types it belongs to for example ‘The atoll’ is obviously an Island map. Choose one of the maps you like from the Map Menu using the filters if needed or just scroll through each map.

For each map selected, you’ll see the following information:. Each city you start on a map takes up one slot. Tip: the Cities XL maps are highlighted with a red border. When you have found a map you want to play select it and then click the ‘ Create your City button. A dialog window will open, where you will type the name of the city yes, it doesn’t have to bear the name of the map , and select the style of roads you want to use – Default no National style roads , American, English, French or German.

Then press the OK button to Enter your city! The in-game interface consists of 4 main menu panels. The top menu is located in the top middle area of the game Interface. Your Cities title and playing tips are located in the middle panel and your Cities’ Satisfaction menus on the right. These menus are your main informational tool – they will allow you to keep detailed track of all city activities. General Satisfaction buttons right side of the top menu , whose color will immediately tell you if there’s something wrong with something.

It’s simple: Green is Great, Red is Danger. The Main Menu is located in the top left area of the game Interface. You can change the size of the interface icons CXL under. You should also see all the individual buildings now available for individual selection and placement as per below screenshot. The Construction menu is located in the bottom left area of the game Interface. This is where you will find all available building options at the moment.

Note that some buttons here may be grayed out – this means they are locked at the moment. Hovering the mouse above them will show you the Population cap at which they will unlock. The buttons in the left-most column show the general building categories for example Housing, Industry, Transportation, etc. The building menu has multiple sub menus second column from the left for each building type which show the particular options or subcategories of each category.

Simply click each menu item to expand any sub menus. Future and existing mods will also display their menu options here. A third column will show construction tools if applicable , such as zoning types, different road building tools, etc. Finally, in the bottom-left part of the screen you’ll notice many thumbnails appearing whenever you click a. When you hover the mouse over each thumbnail, an info panel will pop up above it, with detailed information on construction cost, maintenance cost, workers needed, effects, etc.

Use these information to decide which building or item you need to construct, what are its effects gonna be, and what workers it will need. These can activate colored overlays on the city map itself, giving you specific information from above of every possible aspect of city management. Cities XL is a City simulator, and all games of this genre aim at one thing – constructing a nice enough city for people to live in.

So, your basic goal besides building a nice-looking city is to keep your citizens satisfied. And since you can’t keep running your city and satisfying your citizens without money, making a profit for the city coffers is your second most important goal. Your basic job as a Mayor is to build stuff in your city. You can lay transportation networks, place buildings and zones for Residences, Commerce and Industry, and even construct MegaStructures!

But note that the major part of the buildings you zone won’t actually grow, unless you’ve provided them with the necessary incentive that is good conditions for them to come.

These are the goods and services in the city. They are measured in units called Tokens. The good balance of resources allows your city economy to run smoothly, so keep that in check via the Resource Panel. Most of your resources can be traded imported or exported with other cities.

The trade is one of Cities XL’s most innovative concepts, allowing you to create a network of interconnected cities on your Planet! This is a NPC trade entity, which has massive amounts of cash and resources, and is eager to trade with your cities, Anything you lack, you can buy from Omnicorp , and anything you produce in excess, you can sell to them.

Beware of their cutthroat prices! Cities XL has its own time. The time meter is shown in the middle part of the Top Menu, and nearby you’ll also find a small button to accelerate or stop the time.

There are several aspects of the game, affected by time, but the most important one is the Financial aspect – every tick your Budget will grow or shrink according to your cashflow. The citizens you attract to live in your city are at the same time the workers that fill in all the positions in private and state-run buildings.

Without enough workers, buildings won’t function, and private businesses will quickly go bankrupt. Your citizens want stuff, and they will only come and live in the city if you provide them what they want. This is called Satisfaction. Key components in Citizen satisfaction are Services, like Education and Security, so make sure to provide these. This prevents you from doing something so wrong that your city flounders rapidly. So, be patient and try to master each component of the game-play as your city grows slowly.

The last buildings and tools will unlock around population of Note that some high – end Landmarks have an even higher population requirements, so don’t panic if you don’t see all wonderful buildings we’ve described in this Wiki! The first thing you need to do in your new city is establish a connection to the rest of the Planet.

On land maps you will be asked to select a road and drag it to the edge of the map. There you’ll see a purple area, representing the Road City link resource – drag the road to it and it will automatically snap to the edge, creating the City link you’ll see a big sign appearing there. On island maps you don’t have Land City link resources, only Sea and Air ones. There you’ll need to place a Small harbor in a zone highlighted on the map there is usually a very extensive zone, so you shouldn’t have problems.

Then connect the harbour to a road to complete the connection. It is essential to use the biggest available road the Small Avenue for these connections, because this road will transfer all the Freight and Passenger services that you’re gonna use in the beginning of the game, and bigger roads transfer those much better than smaller ones.

Next you’ll need to select the place of the City hall – the center of city administration. Keep in mind that after you upgrade it this building will emit a strong Landmark bonus aura, so place it somewhere where you will be able to make use of this. It doesn’t necessarily need to be in the center of the map, but it’s good to place it in a place where you will later form a ‘Downtown’.

Remember that the whole Road network needs to be linked at all times to the City hall.