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Chrono ma:gia.[Misc.] Bye Bye, Chrono Ma:Gia


Chrono ma:gia.Chrono Ma:Gia New Player Introduction Guide


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Aug 31,  · GungHo’s card game, Chrono Ma:Gia, will conclude on November 30, There goes YamaP’s second precious baby The ending schedule. Sales will terminate on Oct 28, ; Game service stops on Nov 30, Every opponent has an answer for anything I try to do! If I play fast, I get annihilated by massive creatures. If I play slow, I get annihilated by fast creatures, and me getting 15 Magia every turn is no use. I get three good cards out, wipe my opponent’s board, . Dec 16,  · The description of CHRONO MA:GIA App An original competitive card game from GungHo!! Character/Skill/Card variety delivers unparalleled strategy! Battle your way to the top of the world ranking YOUR way!/10(8).


Chrono ma:gia.Chrono Ma:Gia | Mantastic Puzzle and Dragons

Unlike other similar card games, CHRONO MA:GIA prides itself with the background story and lore that it provides. It’s not just an endless quest to beat the AI, but it’s a more rewarding experience. CHRONO MA:GIA deck-building involves a strategic combination of three elements: a Gifted, their Magia Skills, and cards. This guide introduces some beginner-friendly decks and deck construction hints! Apr 09,  · Download CHRONO MA:GIA and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎An original competitive card game from GungHo!! Character/Skill/Card variety delivers unparalleled strategy!/5(40).
The description of CHRONO MA:GIA App
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This is my first time creating content for Chrono Ma:Gia and may continue to do so if this proves successful. Chrono Ma:Gia is the newest game to be released by GungHo and is a digital card game. In essence, the game revolves around carefully planning each turn to outmaneuver your opponent through Creatures, Spells, and Magia Skills.

As a fair warning, Chrono Ma:Gia was only released on April 9, so the meta is still fluid and things may change quickly over time. Furthermore, I am by no means an expert in this genre but still have a modest amount of experience playing Hearthstone at a somewhat competitive level years ago.

As such, this article will be placing most of the focus on early game management and how to avoid newbie pitfalls and get the most out of your game experience. One distinct advantage of staring Chrono Ma:Gia now is being right on the cusp of Powercreep since everything is new. Finally, there are currently very generous Login Bonuses during the first week and should be taken advantage of. All gaming communities have valuable player-created resources and Chrono Ma:Gia is no exception.

I strongly encourage you to join either the Community Discord Server as well as checking out their Reddit Page. Rerolling is a common term within most mobile games and is the process of restarting your game until you acquire a powerful starting Creature.

However, if your starting Pack of Cards yields 5 Commons, I would reroll. Just remember that you can always craft a specific card at a later date. All games have a certain degree of technical jargon and Chrono Ma:Gia is no exception.

The following list may help as you advance through the game. As with any card game, the majority of the focus will be on crafting a viable deck to play with. Each deck consists of exactly 20 cards and you can only have 2 copies of each card. Legendary ones have a small exception as you can only have 1 copy in play at a given time you can have multiple Legendaries, just not the same one twice.

Bear in mind that with only 20 cards and a starting hand of 4, games can go quite quickly which is nice because you would not have to suffer through a bad match up for too long. This can also be found on each card in the top right corner. Thus the following card has the Legendary rarity as indicated by the L in the top right corner. While Legendary Cards are unique and powerful, you can only use 1 per deck along with only working best in a deck that can accommodate them.

The play screen may feel overwhelming at first, but this handy reference image will prove invaluable moving forward. Magia Points is the currency used to play Creatures, Spells, and some Magia Skills and is restored by a certain value at the start of each of your turns caps at You do not have to use every single point each turn and is often advantageous to keep extra in reserve to play more expensive cards later on. Life is a representation of how much damage a Gifted can take before it is killed.

Thus, taking 5 damage will grant that player 5 MP. This is important for planning out turns as you may not want to give your opponent too much MP at the beginning. Defense is a special trait utilized by several Gifted and can be thought of as a passive damage reduction. Each point of Defense will reduce any incoming damage by that value. As such, any attacks of 3 or less will not deal any damage.

Each one can choose from up to 9 different Magia Skills to use along with a unique stat distribution. Magia Skills are unique powers each Gifted can wield and come in three tiers. Within each tier you are able to select 1 to go into battle with and these will influence your strategy and deck composition. Creatures are the characters Gifted can summon onto the battlefield and each one has a unique array of abilities and uses. Setting a Creature is the process of spending MP to play that card onto the battlefield.

However, it will remain facedown until the start of your next turn when it is summoned. After a Creature has gone through their Set phase, they will be summoned into battle. This turns the card face up and triggers any abilities and enables them take an action which is usually attacking the enemy. The amount of damage this Creature deals with each attack can attack once per turn unless otherwise indicated.

Vanilla stats is a term used to describe the raw stats of a Creature. These do not occur when a Creature is Set, only when Summoned. Each Creature can have 2 typings: a playing card suit spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs and a classification eg.

Mortal, Aquatic, etc. The typings are important because they are what triggers your Magia Skills so building a deck that encompasses the correct typings is key to success. However, the owning player can interact with them and can also use them to attack if they do not care about the Stealth mechanic.

Taunt forces all attacks to target that particular Creature. This is invaluable for protecting your Gifted or other valuable Creatures. Rush enables a Creature to completely bypass the Set phase and become immediately summoned. This is valuable as it allows you to both deal unexpected damage as well as triggering more Magia Skills than what your opponent would have expected.

Rush cards are often best used on Creatures that have the typing requirement for your Tier 1 Magia Skill as it will enable you to cast your Magia Skill from what was once an empty board. Level Up Summoning is a unique and exciting aspect within Chrono Ma:Gia as it enables you to empower any Creature by summoning over one that is already in play. The process is quite simple, you pay 1 additional MP to summon a Creature from your hand over top one that is already Summoned and in play.

Doing this will result in the base Creature being overwritten but is compensated by the new Creature gaining augmented stats as it levels up. Playing a Creature from your hand onto a Level 2 will result in the new Creature achieving Level 3 which is the maximum. Successfully performing a Level Up Summon will grant the following stat buffs at their respective level:. Level Up Summons are vital to success as it enables even basic Creatures to gain meaningful stats along with providing more value for lower MP Creatures to act as the sacrificial base.

The Graveyard is where cards that have either been discarded, used up, or slain go. For the most part, this area is out of play; however, specific cards enable you to interact with the Graveyard and potentially bring them back into play.

When a card is Obliterated, it is completely removed from play and there is no way to bring it back. This is important as it prevents players from interacting with cards that were sent to the Graveyard. Shields are a special mechanic creatures can obtain and will prevent any damage from occurring if it is 2 or less. However, any damage at or above 3 will break the Shield and enable them to be damaged as normal.

Fixed Damage is damage that deals the exact amount listed and ignores Shields and Defense. This is naturally powerful against Gifted with innate Defense or Creatures who have low Health but possess Shields.

If you stun a Creature, it is unable to perform an action; however, it can still be interacted with. Furthermore, their Taunts and typing for Magia Skill still take effect.

Stone is a status effect that removes a Creature from play for a turn. The Creature is still present on the board, but cannot be interacted with in any way. That means you cannot attack it or rely on their taunt. Stone is generally more effective than Stun as it further delays the player from using that spot on the board as well as bypassing Taunts. Lethal is an expression used to describe when you have a killing turn.

This takes into consideration the cards in play and in your hand along with how much damage you are able to produce. As such, you should always plan out how you could potentially win and ignore everything else if you have the chance at delivering a Lethal blow.

Magia Gold is the premium currency that is used to purchase additional card pack. Magia Gold can be earned slowly overtime via login bonuses and achievements or can be quickly acquired by purchasing with real life money IAP-ing.

It is advisible that you try to only spend your Magia Gold on the pack bundle as it will guarantee a Super Rare card. These are used to either purchase new Gifted or craft specific cards. These are also earned via log in bonuses and achievements but are unable to be purchased with real money.

However, you can break down cards for small amounts of Suit Pieces. This process of breaking down a card is a permanent action that will destroy that card from your collection but is useful when you have excess number of duplicates.

Despite Chrono Ma:Gia being a newly released game, the overall genre is longstanding and knowledge from other card games is easily transferable. When looking at a card, the rarity does provide a reasonable indication as to the overall potency, but an intelligently crafted deck and Magia Skills will outperform one with as many high rarity cards randomly dumped in. For the most part, we are looking for a card that provides significant value when played. Chrono Ma:Gia decks only allow 20 cards so being able to remove 2 or more with a single one results in you coming out ahead overall.

Thus, you want to examine each card and try to determine how it can provide more value for your deck. From the above example of Nyx, she has the capability to remove up to 3 opposing Creatures and still deal 4 damage afterwards. This is tremendous value overall despite the high MP cost. Furthermore, after activating your Mimic and using your Magia Skill, you can quickly Level Up Summon over top of them. Each Gifted has 3 tiers of Magia Skills with each tier having 3 different options.

This leads to numerous different compositions and deck builds because you must use specific find Creatures with specific typings. However, there is no type restriction to cast and can be done via an empty board. Further examination of the second image reveals that in order to cast Steel Blade, you must have a Spade, Diamond, and Construct creature on the board.

This makes deck synergy immensely important because the key to success is being able to tap into your Magia Skills on a regular basis as they tend to have great value for their MP cost. As such, you will either build a deck around your Magia Skills or find a Gifted who can utilize the types of Creatures you own. Keep in mind that if a Creature is killed, removed via Level Up Summon, or affect by Stone, they will not provide their typings for Magia Skills. The process is quite simple, but the opportunities for advanced usage are endless.

This can be done two times to raise a Creature to Level 3. Generally speaking, low MP costing Creatures provide less value compared to those that cost more.