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Boom beach hq 20 layout 2017.Boom Beach HQ


Boom beach hq 20 layout 2017.Boom Beach Defense Layouts from HQ 2 – 19 (Guide)


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Jun 04,  · Boom beach doesn’t have edit base layout mode. So all buildings were shifted at a corner and then the layout was created. No Defence replays as not been atta. Any design you create, make sure to do the 7 tile check. You want things bunched together but not too bunched up. 7 tiles is the magic distance. As for design, the two most popular are beach and corner. Beach puts cannons up front, snipers and mortars to the side, BCs in a square around HQ, and protos usually in the mid on opposite sides of the HQ. Jun 22,  · Moreover, such layout provides more opportunities for mines hiding. Note: how to hide mines in Boom Beach described in this post. Defense placement for HQ To unlock an ability for upgrading HQ to the level 17 in Boom Beach every player needs to reach level 41 first.


Boom beach hq 20 layout 2017.Headquarters 20 – Base Layout #6 – Boom Beach |

Jun 22,  · Moreover, such layout provides more opportunities for mines hiding. Note: how to hide mines in Boom Beach described in this post. Defense placement for HQ To unlock an ability for upgrading HQ to the level 17 in Boom Beach every player needs to reach level 41 first. Aug 10,  · We are going to request a friend of ours to produce an excellent design for it. Exactly what it keeps: Boom Beach Hack acquires an actually poignant system for its usage, and this hack device is exceptionally a lot risk-free and also secure to ive Method Utilizing the hack you could hack boom beach galaxy boom beach hack ipa hack boom beach game killer hack boom beach . Boom Beach Layouts Download Base, Maps, Layouts of Headquarters 9 – 22 for Boom Beach HQ 9 HQ 10 HQ 11 HQ 12 HQ 13 HQ 14 HQ 15 HQ 16 HQ 17 HQ 18 HQ 19 HQ 20 HQ 21 HQ
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Boom Beach: New Update Dropped with HQ24!
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This morning, a new Boom Beach update dropped with HQ However, I think it was time for a blog that combines the HQ 23 update experience for me thus far with the HQ 24 update. The HQ 23 update was a little lackluster to me, although we did receive a new troop in the form of the powerful Bombardier. Although during this time I had upgraded all my troops, I did not opt to use the Bombardier as I still have been focused on my classic Tank-Grenadier-Medic load out.

Beyond the new troop type, the HQ 23 update was mostly a defense oriented update for my play style. So for me the only real meaningful upgrade was the Armory, since it would boost my general damage and troop defense.

The HQ 24 update is a bit more offensive. First, the major news is the new Mech troop. I think like the Scorcher, it has a troop size of 14 for which I believe the Scorcher also had a massive reduction. Now, I say that HQ 24 is more offensive because the LC upgrade is going to provide a large amount of additions to the various troop types. The Scorchers one feels huge to me and the energy required to deploy will be lowered.

The HQ 24 only will provide another boom mine, shock mine and boom cannon from what I saw and most of the standard upgrades for base defenses except the Shock Launcher. Also, Residences will be upgradeable along with all storage facilities.

I think my strategy once Friday hits will be to make a big push to get HQ 24, although it might be tough with the 5 million in resources. I think my Armory will have the bigger priority depending on the cost just so that I can continue upgrading my offenses. But the Sculptor is definitely my 3rd upgrade so that I can re-deploy a waiting Resource Reward statue that has been sitting in my Storage for a while. The pain point will be getting to LC Currently, the cost is quite high and without a doubt, the next level is going to be higher.

Hence, why the RR statue will be playing a huge role. Now, the real question is what troop combinations will become a thing with the mech troop?

I can see something like this becoming the new Grank-Med meta. What about how LC 24 will affect other load outs? The only major one that I think will be impacted will be Scorchers. Double Scorchers sounds like a real nasty situation. Perhaps, the doctor or Pvt Bullit? Generally, the advantage of going with a tankier troop like my Grank-Med load out is minimal casualties usually none , which means zero downtime between assaulting bases. I might consider giving a different load out a try e.

I wish I had managed to finish upgrading the rest of my base but this update gives me plenty to work towards. About WordPress. Close Menu about me. Boom Beach Guides. Diablo Guides. Geek Dot Love. Prometheus 2 Script. Site-Wide Activity. Twitch Livestream.

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