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Best trapper in evolve.Assault, Trapper, Medic, Support: Which Evolve Hunter is Right For You?


Best trapper in evolve.


.Trapper Class – Evolve Wiki Guide – IGN


Feb 21,  · Summary: From Turtle Rock Studios, creators of Left 4 Dead, comes Evolve — the next generation of multiplayer shooters. Four Hunters face off against a single, player-controlled Monster in. Maggie is obviously the best at tracking stage 1 and forcing early fights. Also particularly good at setting up at relay stage 3 since she is the only trapper who can set up before the fight with strategically placed harpoon traps. She’s less useful in combat. The harpoons are useful but only really for kiting. NEW EVOLVE HUNTERS!!! This is a how to use Crow game play video so enjoy! BEHEMOTH?! Hey you sexy people do me a favor and share this video and or channel it.


Best trapper in evolve.OPINION: BEST TRAPPER :: Evolve Stage 2 General Discussions

NEW EVOLVE HUNTERS!!! This is a how to use Crow game play video so enjoy! BEHEMOTH?! Hey you sexy people do me a favor and share this video and or channel it. Maggie is obviously the best at tracking stage 1 and forcing early fights. Also particularly good at setting up at relay stage 3 since she is the only trapper who can set up before the fight with strategically placed harpoon traps. She’s less useful in combat. The harpoons are useful but only really for kiting. Feb 24,  · Abe is good, but Maggie and Daisy are the best hands down. There is just too much downtime with the other trappers if the monster is good at sneaking around. My opinion is you need to damage and pressure the monster from the start. There should be no standing around wondering which way the monster went.

Assault, Trapper, Medic, Support: Which Evolve Hunter is Right For You? – GameSpot

In its foursome of hunters, the class names could not be more straightforward: assault, medic, Support, Trapper. If you play with squads regularly, then you know already know three of the four roles. Moreover, a Trapper has useful tools that make locating the Monster easier. Each of the four classes needs to be represented in a given match. Every hunter is multitalented and equipped with enough gear to be a useful contributor in any match.

It helps that every squad mate has at least one weapon or tool that is directly harmful to the Monster. Offense is not exclusive to the assault class. All three assault hunters have two potent weapons as well as their own unique utility accessory, which opens up tactical opportunities. Due to their limited time use and subsequent cooldowns, these shields are best saved once the monster is trapped and a close fight is assured.

The centerpiece of his effectiveness is his lightning gun, which is both highly consistent and accurate. It also features a target lock-on which enhances its usefulness. Obviously, the trade-off is that its use is finite, and needs time to recharge.

While the lightning gun charges, you can hang back and arm the assault rifle. What this rifle lacks in firepower compared to the lightning gun it makes up for in ranged accuracy. As a group, these mines can work as a barrier to protect support and medic classes. Fellow hunters should be mindful that Markov might be singled out on a regular basis. His strengths lie in the potency of his flamethrower and the high firing rate of his minigun. Making the most of him involves using both weapons in a given fight.

The means firing the minigun while the lasting effect of the flamethrower is still dealing damage. While his firearms are best used at short distances, his toxic grenades are meant for long throws. You should also warn your buddies since these grenades are one of the few weapons that adversely affects other hunters.

You do get the The combat shotgun with Parnell, which is one of multiple components that makes him not only a tank but also a brute. How about a salvo of multiple rockets? These rockets are especially useful against monster eggs, which makes Parnell the recommended assault hunter in Nest mode. This ability also brings out his only weakness.

The Trapper is a unique class in Evolve and with great reason. Without someone to wrangle and disorient the beast, fights against monsters merely become one-dimensional affairs of exchanging blows. First-timers are welcome to practice with the dome in single player since it might take a round or two to get used to timing its release. If you miss the Monster, you have to wait for the mobile arena ability to recharge.

She is paired with a trusty monster-sniffing Trapjaw named Daisy. Daisy turns the group into a team of five, even if she lacks offensive abilities. Her sniffing talents alone are immensely useful in tracking down monsters. Following Daisy is also one of the character mastery requirements so be sure to position Maggie behind Daisy every so often. With several licks of her tongue, she can resuscitate a downed hunter, provided the teammate is nearby. And in the case where your foursome is unlucky enough to be wiped out, Daisy can buy time while everyone waits to restart the airdrop sequence, provided Daisy can keep herself alive as well.

A well-spread set of traps in a close-knit battle can be especially troublesome for a monster. As weaknesses go, Maggie lacks offensive options, especially at long range. It goes beyond his safari hat and his overgrown facial hair. He turns a pursuit into a classic hunt with his harpoon gun, which can tether a monster at 40 meters. Being an expert with this gun means positioning yourself behind the monster when you use it, preferably when your fellow hunters are distracting the creature.

Your squad will admire your talents further if you have the presence of mind to use the gun as the monster is escaping. No matter the size of the enemy, nothing beats radar to get visibility on the opposition. Griffin does not have a bloodhound for a pet, but he does specialize in echolocation with his sound spikes. Like Markov, Griffin has no notable shortcomings while not having any remarkable stats. If the dome is active, these darts make it impossible for the monster to escape in whatever few hiding place are left.

Another dart should be ready by the time the dome deactivates so you can mark the Monster before it disappears. And if the person controlling the Monster loves to evolve, be sure to hit the local wildlife with these darts. Any marked creature that the Monster consumes will make the beast visible in the GPS. Once trapped in the dome, Abe can juggle between slowing down the Monster with his stasis grenades and hurting the monster with his custom shotgun.

The shotgun is a finesse weapon worth getting used to, since its accuracy is based on how slow or fast you pull the trigger. Abe is also another Trapper with no distinct weakness, though if you play alongside Cabot often enough, you risk getting spoiled by his damage amplifier. Can you go back to using Abe without that firepower boost? The always essential healer, the medic is a perpetual multitasker in Evolve, even before the Monster is trapped.

A match can get so chaotic that medics each have multiple healing options. If you value collaborating with others more often than your average FPS fan, Val is your go-to hunter. Her armor-piercing sniper rifle is not only deadly, but it also reinforces teamwork. Every hit Val lands becomes a target that incurs double its normal damage when fired on by other hunters. This is crucial when weapon effectiveness is based on which monster body part you hit. This compounding damage benefit is also useful against the eggs in nest mode.

She also has a monster-pursuit weapon that makes the trapper envious: the tranquilizer gun. As its name indicates, this weapon can slow down the monster, useful before the mobile arena is activated or during a speedy retreat. Val is a fitting gateway medic because she not only has the healing burst, but also a medgun, which fires a line-of-sight healing ray.

Pair her with Hank and his shield projector and any hunter on low health should have little to worry about. This also makes it hard for the monster to decide on who to go after first.

Unlike the other medics, Lazarus does not have a ranged healing tool, so he is best used by those who want the lethality of a sniper but also have the guts to jump briefly into the frontlines to use the healing burst. He gets his name from his most valued utility item, the lazarus device. With this, he can revive downed hunters faster than anyone and it even gives him a brief window of time about 20 seconds to resurrect a dead hunter. Furthermore, all revives or resurrects with the lazarus device do not incur the incapacitation strikes that lower the hunters’ maximum health and bring them one step closer to respawning in the dropship.

Be mindful of this should your team decide to divide and conquer during the rescue and nest modes. He is also the only non-support hunter who has a cloaking ability. If you enjoy stealth but would prefer not using the support class, go with Lazarus. You need to revive some of the local creatures while cloaked, which is not recommended in the middle of a monster takedown. Her adrenal boost alone is a game changer as it activates a speed boost that affects her and any hunters close by.

If you form a team that also includes Daisy, victory in 30 seconds is not unlikely. Add Hank to the team, and you have a complementary hunter who can shield-protect Caira while she dispenses healing grenades. Like Val, Caira can heal from multiple distances. Val has the pin-point accuracy of the medgun while Caira has a larger area of effect with her healing grenades.

The closest thing Caira has to a weakness is the pervasive temptation for the player to work as a lone wolf. Between the potency of her grenades and her speed boosts, the user has to know when scouting ahead is useful and when to fall back.

With shooters in general, the support class has always been the go-to role for those who want to make meaningful team contributions without the desire to be on the frontlines. In Evolve, a skilled support hunter can be crucial in keeping a team alive.

Such a user knows to hold off on the firearms until all the teammates are taken care of. The catch is that taking damage as well as the use of your jetpack or items will break the invisibility. It starts with his shield projector, which is so useful, it absorbs any and all damage.

So it stays a fair fight, the projector only works on one hunter at a time, has a cooldown period, and the monster can see which hunter is protected so it can make better use of its time. Its large area of impact is apt for the size of the monsters although it can also damage friendlies. It is especially effective in injuring the monster during metamorphosis and clearing out large wildlife. The orbital barrage has its tactical advantages if you can think beyond straightforward monster targeting.

By putting the barrage target in between the monster and a downed teammate, you can use it to deter the monster. This will also provide you a brief window to cloak and revive the incapacitated hunter. Note that it is not enough to have the shield activated.

Enemies have to attack the shield in order for Hank to improve this section of character mastery. Mastering him needs a bit of finesse, which means knowing how to best use his unusual capabilities. If you pride yourself on being versatile and being skilled with any hunter, plan more time with Bucket. Like Dhalsim in Street Fighter, that extra time spent will be worth it. Not unlike the automated guns in Aliens , Bucket has his own sentry guns.

Both the sound spikes and sentry guns are limited to five concurrent deployments each. Bucket is all about literal out-of-body experiences. His most useful weapon in a fight is the guided missile launcher.