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Avgn pixel land blast.Clip: Angry Video Game Nerd


Avgn pixel land blast.Transcript of 2013 AVGN Episode AVGN Games


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Feb 11,  · I might have did bad but to my defense I don’t play PC games often XD. AVGN Pixel Land Blast (Kevin Barryman) The Nerd: Time for another AVGN game. Let’s try Pixel Land Blast by Kevin Barryman. This one came out the same year, back in Online Pixel Art Canvas.


Avgn pixel land blast.Watch Angry Video Game Nerd | Prime Video

There have also been some unofficial, fanmade Angry Video Game Nerd games including Angry Video Game Nerd’s Angry Video Game, Angry Video Game Nerd in Pixel Land Blast, AVGN Game Over, AVGN Game Over 2, and AVGN Planet. There is also the Angry Video Game Nerd and AVGN K.O. Boxing, both for the Atari Feb 11,  · I might have did bad but to my defense I don’t play PC games often XD. Online Pixel Art Canvas.

Transcript of AVGN Episode AVGN Games | Angry Video Game Nerd Wiki | Fandom

The Angry Video Game Nerd Season Eight / Recap – TV Tropes

The Nerd descends from the stair case, behind the curtain that leads to his basement. He goes to his couch to talk about Ikari Warriors for the NES and goes on about how frustrating the game is. While the game is difficult, he does know a code that lets him continue anytime he loses all his lives: type in ABBA.

He ends up doing this quite often. It does not help that the controls are not well designed, due to the arcade game relying on a rotary joystick to turn the character around to decide where to shoot. The slow movement also does not help much, and with the level going on for a while, the Nerd decides that he needs a second player. He then looks behind his couch as he finds the skeletal remains of the Guitar Guy and decides to revive him with the ABBA method.

Once he reanimates, flesh, blood, clothes and everything, he initially refuses to help the Nerd, but does so under the condition that he plays the theme song, thus starting off the episode proper. As the two play the game, the Guitar Guy also finds the difficulty of the game, and the length of the level to be quite annoying. After playing it for a while and reaching level 2, it is actually the same looking terrain.

After a glitch that got him stuff to a rock, he decides to quit the game and just stick to guitar duty. The episode becomes more of a light music video where the Guitar Guy compliments his lyrics with the Nerd’s critiques. By the time the Nerd reaches level 3, the overall design finally changes up, except for the music.

However, the Nerd died during this level, and the ABBA code did not work, meaning he’d have to start over. Instead, he decides to utilize game genie only for the unlimited lives, and an in-game code that lets him select a level which itself is a really long process. He does make it to the final boss, which is fairly simple to beat, but he has to dodge a lot of projectiles, and afterward, he’d have to bomb a certain spot on the floor a fact that is not clued in by the game at all; the Guitar Guy had to look it up in a cheat book in order to progress.

After clearing the last level, expressing disappointment that this is another short game made as difficult as possible, he does play through it, beat it, and expects a bad ending out of it. While he does get yet another A Winner Is You ending, he is astonished by how grammatically correct and sincere it is.

The Nerd could only respond by telling the Guitar Guy to get back behind the couch. Throughout the video, he would go through the history of how the Game Boy was out, revolutionizing the portable gaming market, and yet the Tiger Handheld games managed to subsist due to being considerable cheaper, simple, and convenient to find in almost any store at the time. The Nerd did criticize how they would literally adapt anything into an electronic handheld device, any movie, tv show, and even existing video games such as Mega Man 2, Castlevania 2, Sonic the Hedgehog, Resident Evil 2 and so on , and yet they tend to have unintuitive controls, such as sometimes putting movement on the right instead of the left side of different games, having a button that serves as moving forward alone, it’s never consistent.

It also does not help that the simplicity of it also meant how fragile it was, such as its cheaply made screen that may not work properly with age or light damage, or how the buttons can be damaged easily.

The Nerd also finds it annoying as its low quality design makes it difficult to record due to how the screen reflects light back. After going into an anger induced rant as to how the Tiger games were still alive with products like the Game Boy being around and after the failure of Sega and Konami making similar devices not counting the Game Gear.

After all of that, the Nerd decides to cover the wrist games. He does not say much about the Double Dragon wrist game at first, showing just how poor of an idea it is.

Then he brought in the Batman wrist game, which he couldn’t open without the help of the Bullshit Man, who rants about the plastic packaging that requires scissors to be used. The Nerd plays it for a little bit, then starts boasting about it before going further and further about how primitive this piece of technology is by mentioning all the other bits.

With that said and done, the Nerd surprises the audience with a whole Tiger game console: the Game. Com pronounced as the Game Com, minus the period for some reason.

The game console itself was pretty innovative for its time for having two cartridges inserted at the same time, having PDA features such as a calender and a note pad, having a touch-screen although it is rather finicky and still in its primitive stages at the time due to the electrode dots being very noticeable , and allowed you to connect it to the internet via a modem to read your e-mails text only.

The latter of which the Nerd finds baffling considering it is not wireless, and it would be more convenient to just use a computer instead. He would go over the included game, Lights-Out, which is a simple puzzle game with no real problems.

Most of the library consists of ports of other games, such as Mortal Kombat Trilogy which lacks some of its important characters and plays very bad on the console.

Duke Nukem is nothing special, but the Nerd does appreciate the attempt at quality voice clips for the game. Batman Forever is a boring beat-em-up with a weird sound clip of Batman moaning whenever he takes a hit, though the Nerd interprets it as him taking a big dump. Jurassic Park: The Lost World is a boring driving game with enemies that attack from behind. Resident Evil 2 is an attempt at faithfully recreating the PS1 game, but the Nerd found himself stuck at the first section of the game with a zombie due to the controls not being very obvious.

He does eventually figure out how to attack and kills the zombie. Unsurprisingly, the Game. Com flopped, so Tiger tried again with the R-Zone, which the Nerd is convinced was their attempt at copying Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, and says is not only even worse than that console, but the single worst video game console he’s ever played thus far. Although he does praise it for having a head-strap, he criticizes it for its ridiculous design and how stupid it looks as a portable console.

The games are not any more complex than the previous Tiger games he had played, as he concludes that the handheld is awful, and the game he was playing, Batman Forever, is just as bad. In the end, the Nerd hates the Tiger products, declaring that all of them suck. The episode starts off with the Nerd talking about the Alien and Aliens, and how the games inspired many NES games with its themes, such as Contra and Metroid. He was confused as to why there were no games based on the first two Alien films on NES.

Alien 3 came out for NES around the time the third movie hit theaters. The Nerd ponders if the game really is appropriate for Halloween, and if it is scary enough. Then the episode takes a major tone and scenery shift the moment he lays eyes on the LJN logo.

The first problem the Nerd encountered was the controls being swapped, with B being jump and A being attack. The game is about rescuing all the prisoners before the time limit. The game also starts you off with three lives and no continues. While the Nerd had his problem with level design and jumps of difficulty, as well as having a difficult time finding his way to each prisoner, he is able to beat the game, and finds the ending to deviate greatly from the film.

He does admit that the game isn’t really that bad, which means that this is the closest to an LJN game that he found thus far that is not too bad. The game is mediocre, as the film that the game is based on is also mediocre.

The Nerd, still upset over the game, decides to mimic the ending from Alien 3. Starting off with the Angry Video Game, which he provided some voice acting for, he finds the game to be simple, but frustrating due to him throwing beer at enemies that can arc over the target, as well as noting how ridiculous the concepts of the levels can be, such as him jumping on rooftops, and taking on a guitar shaped attack helicopter. He also finds the controls to be difficult to adjust to, where movement and actions are commonly assigned to the arrow keys and the Z and X keys, something that most of the games have as a control method, and finds it hard to use due to how he is used to playing video games D-Pad on left, buttons on right.

He ended up hating his method of attack, noting that he complained about it in Friday the 13th for NES, which had him realize that some of the design choices were all his fault. He considers this game to be more like therapy, which has him calmed down enough to move onto another game. AVGN K. Boxing is similar to Punch-Out!! He finds the game to be really entertaining, especially since he gets to beat himself up.

He finds the game and its presentation very good, but finds the challenge to be lacking somewhat. However, he is unable to get far in the game due to it constantly crashing he takes a moment to reveal that he’s actually using a Windows PC which he had recently obtained , much to his disappointment.

The Nerd then covers console games. One being an Atari game simply titled Angry Video Game Nerd, where the Nerd has to destroy bad games descending towards the three game consoles on the bottom NES, Sega Genesis, and the Atari , and even treats him with random catch phrases each time he misses a game.

He finds the game to be very entertaining for how simple it is. Mega Man is recolored to represent the Nerd, and the levels got redesigned to be even harder. The Nerd takes a moment as Board James hijacks the show for a moment to show off the Angry Video Game Nerd Monopoly board game, featuring many references and elements from the show, such as the famous catch phrases, video game references, such as how the Atari Jaguar CD looks like a toilet, complete with cards.

The Nerd took a moment to ask Board James about how he is here when he should be in prison, even asking about his friends, which caused BJ to leave in anger, insisting he had nothing to do with their murder. The Nerd then pulls out an old rotary phone so he could play Texting of the Bread which is actually an iOS game , in which he happens to be a playable character where he has to text out words to defeat gingerbread zombies.

Finally, the Nerd covers the Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, which he personally endorsed and elected to review it to make sure they didn’t mess it up. He found the presentation to be amazing, especially the soundtrack, appreciates the variety of playable characters although he is confused by Mike, having never met him before , and the game play to be quite solid.

His complaints start coming in when he notices just how difficult the game truly is, with the abundance of death blocks, the unfair level design, and especially Boo! Haunted House, where the whole level is dark. He especially takes notice to some of the problems of the game that were present because they were based on complaints he made on previous episodes, such as in Super Pitfall where he proposed an unfair beginner’s trap. The final level sets him off in anger, but the intensity of the fight against the final boss makes it exhilarating for him.

In the end, he finds the game to be incredibly frustrating, with all the things he complained about in the past to be present in this game in one massive collaboration. He decides that he wants to destroy the game, but since it is a digital download, he is unable to do so. All he can do is anticlimactically uninstall the game from the computer. After gushing over them, the Nerd then gets to talk about how with some video games, there were not much to go by as far as deciding if the game will be good or not goes.

He makes a point to mention that people would usually gravitate towards a game with some form of reputation, such as Skate or Die for the NES. The game is about five minigames, with a gauntlet of all five as an option, and the Nerd finds the controls to be difficult to get accustomed too, nor were they easy to adapt. He considers it “fucking shit. Shit that we held with passion”. He then talks about another NES game called Bad Dudes, which also had some popularity for its time, namely how he finds it odd that bad was synonymous with good even quoting the infamous introduction line “are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president?

While he notes that this is one of the earlier examples of 1-on-1 fighting, it is also one of the worst. The game has a very unintuitive control scheme, including the option to turn yourself around, which does not seem to serve a purpose aside from making it harder to play.

There is also no variety in any way, as in the characters are the same, the moves are the same, and while the stage backgrounds do change, the planes don’t really variate enough, nor is the depth perception consistent with the backgrounds. All and all, he considers this one of the worst games he has ever played. After all that, he decides to surprise his audience by announcing that he is covering some games that were requested.

The one request he got constantly were the bad Sonic the Hedgehog games. The Nerd would briefly go into the first two Sonic the Hedgehog games for Sega Genesis, talking about how the games managed to get Nintendo fans to pay attention to it, boosted high speeds and thrills, with an amazing overall presentation for its time, with the top-notch platformer game play it has going for. So the bad Sonic games request left him baffled.

He does admit that he did take a closer look and decided to look into some of these games his fans were referring too. One was Sonic Blast for Game Gear, which he didn’t have much to say about, other than noting how much slower it is compared to the originals, and how it’s “a poor man’s Sonic the Hedgehog. However, he does excuse these games because they were made for a portable system, which he argues that being able to bring a game with you often meant compromising on its playability.

Once he got to Sonic R for Sega Saturn, he really starts finding the bad ones.