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Jan 25,  · ASUS EPU Six Engine is described as ‘EPU-6 Engine is a program for managing the power-saving profiles. A few preset profiles to choose from can be found and you can adjust the settings. You can select one of the three preset models for the CPU fan in the BIOS of Asus mainboards’ and is an app in the System & Hardware category. Sep 02,  · The ASUS EPU-6 Engine provides total system power savings by detecting current PC loadings and intelligently moderating power in real-time. With auto phase s. Aug 03,  · New EPU 6 repack Link: make repack of EPU-6 Eng.. Works perfect on 64 bit systems on Window.


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EPU-6 Engine Asus – MB – Freeware – EPU-6 Engine is a program for managing the power-saving profiles. A few preset profiles to choose from ca nbe . Sep 02,  · The ASUS EPU-6 Engine provides total system power savings by detecting current PC loadings and intelligently moderating power in real-time. With auto phase s. Apr 30,  · EPU-6 Engine is developed by ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. and is used by 50 users of Software Informer. The names of program executable files are , , , and This particular product is not fit to be reviewed by our informers.
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Installing Epu-6 Engine on Windows 8 CP x64
asus epu-6 engine windows 10
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Make sure you run Setup. Only Windows 98 Compatibility mode is correct. After doing all this, the following error occurs: Can not load aslo. Have you installed AsIoIns. If you have chosen other compatibility mode it won’t work and such error can occur. You can also try steps 2 and 3 with compatibility mode for windows Works perfect, shows on the taskbar, and I pinned it to startup.

I hope this trick will help others with 64 bit boards. There were 8 CP installed on windows, but windows does not work 8 RP. Any solution? Unfortunately this solution just doesn’t work on Windows 8 Release Candidate. Many people reported that they weren’t able to run Epu on W8 RC.

Thanks a lot! I am not sure if Step 2 and 3 are still necessary, but after a calibration the fan finally got quiet again. In step 4 program AsAcpiIns. My board is P7P55D. After restart gives message “Cannot load aslo. Also works on Asus p6t and windows 8 Enterprise build rtm 64bit.

After performing the steps as indicated in the guide: be sure to run once the file “AsloIns” in compatibility “windows 7”. I ran setup. Do not work to switch profiles in AUTO mode. Help needed! Worked also for me, but as previously said, step 1. So this is the order: I run setup. Excellent tip. Worked for me! Thanks a lot Asus Maximus Formula. Thenks for the tip, it worked fine! But now i have to accept the UAC at first every time i boot my pc. Run Setup. System will restart by it self.

Run the application, calibrate and that’s all. Can any help me? Thank you, my comp works silent like it was on WinXP.

I have XP as main OS. Works great on P7P55D with order Thanks a lot. For 10 days I was trying to instal like is shown under with EPU six engine version 1. Works on my m4a79td pro with asus epu 1. Firstly install version from Asus web site, make all like in instruction but have a problem with Aslo.

Thank you! Anyone know if this procedure or a variation would work for the EPU-4 engine? Works fine, thanks very much!!! I have P6T Deluxe with win8 pro. Once again thx! I disabled it compltely and I got a trojan in less then a minute Didn’t work.

Thanks it works fine on windows 8 pro! Thanks for the tips. I went back to win7 before I tryed this options out. I followed every step which is described above: 1,2,3 and 4. Now a happy win8 user. It did not work before on other compatibility modes. The fan noise was driving me crazy. Many thanks! After upgrading from win7 to win8 I couldn’t run this useful software but with this easy trick I could get it work.

Many thanks. It’s Work! So,Can I Translate this solution to Chines? Has anyone fixed this issue? What a relief, my computer is silent again – well done dude, quite an achievement. Hey – RE: those who have used this method to install the EPU-4 engine: What changes did you need to make to Rychu’s process to get it to install? Feedback please! Hi Glamracket, Thank you for your comment. After reading posts from people who was installing Epu-4 enginge I conclude that they have taken drivers from ASUS page for Epu-4 and have followed procedure.

Thanks Rychu I’ve been using Windows 8 since it was released but the noise was driving me crazy and I’ve had to downgrade to W7 again just to use the EPU4 engine!

I’m going to give this a try and I’ll report back :. Thanks a million!! Also there is no compatibility mode for Windows 98 for AsAcpiIns. I can’t fix this to work Works like a charm now! Thanks Rychu! This is driving me craaaaazy. It worked! I’m not sure how though! I did step 2 first then faffed around looking for the folder mentioned in step 3. Couldn’t find it so went straight to step 4 then step 1. Worked a charm. Muchas gracias!

Glamracket–glad it worked. Not sure why your download didn’t have AsSysCtrlService. Great work! I really want to thanks a Lot mate. I’m getting Can not load aslo.

Windows 8. Problem: Can not load aslo. Thanks, it works perfectly for me on win 8. Get Softwares and instructions: here Edited by Rychu. I have windows 8. Please Help!! I made it. Thank you. Please, is there anybody with EPU-6 on Windows 8 during plenty of time to ensure that this is not dangerous for our CPU or motherboard?

Thanks a lot for your advice. I can’t start asIoIns. I’m using Win 8. It is working quite well! Merge perfect pe Windows 8. Managed to get to work on P5QL-E.