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Appradio sph-da210.Pioneer SPH-DA210 AppRadio 3


Appradio sph-da210.AppRadio 3 (SPH-DA210)


Meet John Pollard.PIONEER SPH-DA OPERATION MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib


Feb 10,  · Pioneer AppRadio 3 SPH-DA Now in its third generation, the Pioneer AppRadio continues to grow. It’s got even more smartphone connectivity options for its / SPH-DA SPH-DA AppRadio Installation Manual Manuel d’installation English Français 1 /04/05 This firmware update applies only to Pioneer AppRadio 3 (SPH-D A and SPH-DA) units sold in the United States and Canada and provides improved GPS communication when using compatible navigation apps with an iPhone 5 and adds.


Appradio sph-da210.PIONEER APPRADIO SPH-DA INSTALLATION MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib

View and Download Pioneer SPH-DA operation manual online. with AppRadio. SPH-DA car video system pdf manual download. Also for: App radio 3. This firmware update applies only to Pioneer AppRadio 3 (SPH-D A and SPH-DA) units sold in the United States and Canada and provides improved GPS communication when using compatible navigation apps with an iPhone 5 and adds. SPH-DA AppRadio Operation Manual Be sure to read Important Information for the User first! Important Information for the User includes important information that you must understand before using this product. English. Contents 2 En Thank you for buying this Pioneer product.
Pioneer SPH-DA210 Operation Manual
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Pioneer AppRadio SPH-DA210 Installation Manual
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Quick Links. See also: User Manual , Installation Manual. Table of Contents. Operation Manual. Be sure to read Important Information for the User. Important Information for the User includes. Previous Page. Next Page. Important Information for the User includes important information that you must understand before using this product.

Please read through these instructions so you will know how to oper- ate your model properly. After you have finished reading the instructions, keep this document in a safe place for future reference. To prevent such functions from being used while the vehicle is in motion, there is an interlock system that senses when the park- ing brake is set. Playing iPod music and video You can play and operate audio sources and video sources with the iPhone connected.

The Back button is availa- ble while running the AppRadio app or Keep hands and fingers clear of the product other supported applications. Bluetooth connection, but do not have to make the wired connection. Sources Conditions Radio Always available. Apps Available only when an iPhone or Android device is connected to this product. Page Basic Operation Home Screen Chapter Basic operation Home screen Using the touch panel keys Page one The Home screen is the main screen that al- lows access to your entertainment sources, apps, settings and more.

Page Touch Panel Keys Common To Each Function Chapter Basic operation Touch panel keys common to Audio source control each function When you press the Home button twice, the audio source control keys will be displayed The touch panel keys for operations common on-screen.

Using these keys, you can operate to each function are described below. To turn it back on, tap application in the AppRadio Mode cannot be anywhere on the screen or press the mixed when an iPhone is connected.

Home, Menu Back or Eject buttons. Page Using The Functions Chapter Using the radio Using the functions Storing the strongest broadcast frequencies This function automatically assigns frequen- cies with good reception to the preset chan- nels in the selected band. You can update six channels in each band. While searching, touch panel key operation is not available.

More informa- tuner is currently tuned in to. In When you connect a MirrorLink device with that case, launch the application accord- the compatible applications installed, you can ing to the application startup message. Page Pairing From Your Bluetooth Devices Chapter Registering and connecting a Bluetooth device Pairing from your Bluetooth devic- Deleting a registered device When you have already registered three You can register a Bluetooth device by setting Bluetooth devices and you want to add anoth- this product to standby mode and requesting er one, you must first delete one of the regis- connection from the Bluetooth device.

Page Switching Product Visibility Chapter Registering and connecting a Bluetooth device Switching product visibility Changing a PIN code This function sets whether or not to make this When connecting your Bluetooth device to product visible to the other device.

To connect using the Bluetooth function, you must first use the audio device to pair this product with the device. Tapping the key once skips to the start of the current song. Tapping key twice quickly will skip to the previous song. This section de- scribes how. You can play a track on the playlist screen by Selecting the target data to be tapping it. Shows the folder name of the current song when available. Repeating playback 6 Selects the repeat range. There are two repeat play types for playback.

If you want to t Selects the DVD menu. Page Changing The Subtitle Language Chapter Chapter Playing a DVD-Video Using hands-free phoning Changing the subtitle language Changing the viewing angle Multi- angle You can switch the subtitle language while a disc with multilingual data is playing multi- You can switch the viewing angle while a disc subtitle.

You can control the Bluetooth connection of the mobile device, and make a call using the incoming or outgoing call histories, trans- ferred phone book, or by dialing. Page Adjusting The Phone Volume Chapter Chapter Using hands-free phoning Using hands-free phoning Adjusting the phone volume Calling a number in the phone book You can select and call a contact from the During the hands-free phoning, you can ad- phone book entries transferred to this prod- just the phone volume using the Volume uct.

If a lot of numbers are registered in the phone 5 Tap the phone number you want to dial. Page Answering An Incoming Call Chapter Chapter Using hands-free phoning Using hands-free phoning Answering an incoming call Using advanced functions This product informs you that it is receiving a Answering a call automatically call by displaying a message and producing a You can enable or disable auto answer for ring sound.

Input the four- settings digit code of the desired language then tap The video setup settings can be set only [OK]. Page Adjusting Loudness Chapter Customizing preferences Adjusting loudness Adjusting the 5-band graphic equalizer You can adjust the level of each band for the Loudness compensates for deficiencies in the equalizer curves.

Page Setting The Keyboard Layout Chapter Customizing preferences Setting the keyboard layout Switching the ever scroll function You can select the keyboard layout displayed If a character string is too long for the speci- on this product for text input in the AppRadio fied frame, the string scrolls automatically to Mode. Page Updating Bluetooth Connection Software Chapter Customizing preferences Updating Bluetooth connection Setting the rear view camera software The following two functions are available.

The rear view camera feature requires a separately This function is used to update this product sold rear view camera e. For de- with the latest software. Otherwise, the screen image will appear re- 2 Tap [Video Signal Setting]. Page Appendix Troubleshooting If you have problems operating this product, refer to this section.

The most common problems are listed below, along with likely causes and solutions. If a solution to your problem cannot be found here, contact your dealer or the nearest authorized Pioneer service facility. Problems with this product Picture quality adjustment of the dis- Adjust the picture quality. Page 67 play is not correct. No sounds are produced from an The volume level is low. Adjust the volume level. While operating an application, the Press the Home button and display application was ended on the mobile the Home screen.

The mobile device OS may be Stop the vehicle in a safe place and waiting for screen operation. The disc is inserted upside down. Insert the disc with the label upward. The disc is dirty. Clean the disc. The disc is cracked or otherwise Insert a normal, round disc.

Some discs may have this. Do not use shaped discs. Leave it to ad- just to the warmer temperature for about one hour. The numbers in the fig- pending on the application used to encode ure indicate the order in which folder num- WMA files. For details about changing each setting, refer to the page for that item. Manuel Avila Camacho 10 piso Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico, D. This product is tions, or the rear view camera option if designed for professional installation only.

If the connecting the system insulation heats up, wires may become damaged, resulting in a short circuit or WARNING malfunction and permanent damage to Do not take any steps to tamper with or the product. Please refer to the instruction manual for the Hard-wired remote control adapter sold separately.

Page Connecting The Power Cord 1 Chapter Connecting the system Connecting the power cord 1 Yellow To terminal supplied with power regardless of ignition switch position. Black ground To vehicle metal body. If the vehicle has a glass antenna, connect to the antenna booster power control terminal max.

For details, consult you cannot switch to the rear view camera your authorized Pioneer dealer or picture. Rear View mode also allows you to check what is behind you while driving. Page Parts Supplied Chapter Installation Parts supplied Installation using the screw holes on the side of this product 1 Fasten the unit to the factory radio- mounting bracket.

Position this product so that its screw holes are aligned with the screw holes of the brack- et, and tighten the screws at three or four lo- The display unit Truss head screw Altering the antenna cable could result in a short circuit or mal- GPS antenna Metal sheet function and permanent damage to this product.

Page Installation On The Steering Column Chapter Installation Installation on the steering column 1 Detach the microphone base from the microphone clip by sliding the microphone base while pressing the tab. Microphone Clamps Use separately sold clamps to secure the lead where necessary inside the vehicle. Microphone clip Microphone base 2 Mount the microphone on the steering Page Chapitre Important Information for the User includes the important information that you must understand before using this product.

Page Contents Thank you for buying this Pioneer product. Please read through these instructions so you will know how to operate your model properly. For your own sons other than the driver may be illegal.

Details of functions and After-sales service for Pioneer products operation of this product Please contact the dealer or distributor from which you purchased the product for after Page Itunes Content application s or ser- Android and Google Play are trademarks of vice by its provider.

Google Inc. Other trademarks and trade names are DVD-Video those of their respective owners. Page Ssleay Appendix Appendix 6. Page Libpng Appendix Appendix If you modify libpng you may insert addi- 4. If you include any Windows specific code tional notices immediately following this or a derivative thereof from the apps sentence. Page Appendix Appendix following individuals added to the list of ence Library, even if advised of the possibili- Contributing Authors: ty of such damage.